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Resolving the Stone Mystery
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Published: 17 years ago

Resolving the Stone Mystery

Okay, so some say the green "stones" expelled during the flush are just the olive oil and grapefruit juice coagulated. they have melted these "stones" and said they clearly break down to those components. this proves, they say, the whole Liver Flush protocol is pointless.

problem - how do you then explain these two things.

1. the amazing amounts of health benefits directly related to the liver flush? observe here for long list of benefits reported by those who do the flush.


2. sometimes people do a whole series of flushes and then the "stones" stop coming out. so if they are just the olive oil/grapefruit juice, then how can this be? they are still using that combination, and yet no stones, why?

here is my hypothesis to resolve this seemingly unresolvable question. this is a hypothesis, and i am not a chemist or biologist, so this it is the best i can do.

the "stones" really ARE the olive oil/grapefruit juice combination coagulated.

if that is true, then why do people get relief of so many symptoms following the flush?

simple. the Liver Flush really and truly does flush out the liver. on its way thru the liver the olive oil and grapefruit mixture attracts toxins and poisons. in fact the liver uses the olive oil and grapefruit juice to encapsulate toxins. this encapsulation fo the toxins results in the green stones. and as these "stones" are moved thru the digestive track and out the anus, the toxins and poisons leave with them. this relieves the liver of toxic overload and allows it to do the many many jobs its supposed to do. so a wide range of various health problems get cleared up simply becuase the liver is really doing its job, and not just drowning in a sea of toxins.

so then why do some people stop producing these stones even tho they still take the olive oil/grapefruit mix during the flush?

because i believe its the toxins interacting with the olive oil/grapefruit that causes the coagulation. its the toxins that bind to the oil and juice that then cause some kind of chemical reaction that creates stones.

isn't this exactly why stones are produced in the first place? its your body's natural reaction, its a way of encapsulating toxins so they don't harm our bodies. liver and gall stones are the body's way of attempting to nuetralize toxins.

so once the liver is completely free of toxins and poisons, the olive oil and grapefruit juice just flows harmelessly thru the organ and out the body.

so the debunkers are correct when they say the "stones" were not there to begin with. they are wrong, however, when they say the Liver Flush doesn't flush out toxins.

so there you have it. the "stones" really are just the olive oil and grapefruit juice. nevertheless, that fact doesn't negate the efficacy of the liver flush, in fact it helps to explain why and how it does what it does.


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