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Re: Some responses
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Some responses

"It's interesting how hostile and defensive you are. That shouldn't be the case if you see the pursuit of good health as a never-ending utilitarian inquiry, as opposed to a blind adherence to alternative medicine as a substitute for a blind adherence to orthodox medicine."

Lol, you're too funny. Did you even fully read my post. Seems like you are making a pretty big assumption in implying that I see pursuit of good health as a blind adherence to alternative medicine as a substitute for blind adherence to orthodox medicine. Did I not state that I was not proposing people give up use of medications to treat incurable life threatening diseases. And to refer to someone or some people as dredge Nazis, Wow!!!! Talk about hostile and defensive. Perhaps you should take a good hard look at yourself before you make judgements of others.

In your initial post you stated: "I've been having some lower GI and related ailments lately, and have been using some of the Dr. Schulze products, and now feel rather better. The Intestinal Formula #1 is moving my bowels very regularly (2-4 times a day!." Had you not been open minded enough to try this, I guess you would have never experienced this. You also stated: "Anything that is valid should be open to close scrutiny, and so natural curing methods should be too." For something to be valid by the standards of the scientific community, meticulous patient record keeping and case histories would be required. With respect to alternative medicine, unfortunately you will find much anecdotal evidence that supports alternative medicine but does not meet the scientific yardstick of validity. In fact, there are tribes, likely unknown to doctors and scientists that have been using a host of botanical extracts to treat a health problems, some of which have perplexed modern medicine. If these tribes were discovered, would we discount their medical pracices on grounds that there were not patient records or case histories. Small wonder, many of these tribes people do not want contact with us and would rather keep their medicinal cures secret. Having said that, there appears to be more than enough information posted by flushers that supports the benefits of the liver flush. A lot of this is not only ancedotal but factual in the form of gall bladder stone pictures, lab report of confirmation of gall bladder stone release via liver flush, etc.,

In the end, it is your choice. If you have issues with flushers experiences and postings of the flush and don't feel that your questions are being answered, then you can "Choose Not To Flush." It would seem that for you the Liver Flush would entail using your body and your health as a place to experiment and that is something you clearly do not want to do eventhough you had no problem using your body as an experimental ground for Dr.Schultz Formula #1. Like you said, to each his own. In reviewing you intial post and looking at the questions you raised, I was able to find all the answers that you allege are not being answered. You may want to carefully review DangerousProduce's Post again as I think has pretty much directed you to the answers. You may also want to reread this several times:

There are and always will be two sides to every story/problem, people will often choose one side or another based on which side they feel makes the convincing or compelling argument. People will often differ in which side they believe in based on their preconcieved biases and interpretation of the information/facts provided. At some point, when someone feels that they are not getting all the answers, it may be time to just let ago and move on. Like you, I can also be skeptical of things. The first thing that I usually do is scour the Internet to see what others say, review the relevant information and facts. If I am satisfied, I will follow up with the issue. If I am not satisfied, I move on!!

Good Luck In Your Endless Search For The Truth.
"The Truth is Out There" but only if you "choose" to believe. I wish you all the luck in piecing together your puzzle(all the pieces are certainly there).

Best Wishes and God Bless.
May You Live Long and Prosper and May The Force Be With You.


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