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Re: Some responses
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Some responses

"2) "10% skepticism, 90% open mindedness are needed"
I disagree. I think you should have as much of each as is necessary to accomplish your goal. Asking if something has actually worked for people, and what the responses are to criticisms, is not being "overly cynical." It's open discussion.

And of course, open-mindedness IS cynicism -- cynicism about the orthodox opinion. You do that because you want to find the truth instead of What the Establishment Says is True. You don't suddenly throw that attitude overboard when it comes to the alternative -- or at least you shouldn't. If you do, you are just replacing one Big Brother for another."

The fact that 90% open mindedness and 10% skepticism has led to some of the most profound discoveries in the world(everything from the theory of relativity to the discovery of electricity). If it weren't for this attitude, we would all still be in the stoneage.
You were given a link that clearly addresses whether the Liver Flush has actually worked for people and whether gall stones were really released. Plus on top of that as other posters have stated, the answers you search are all clearly posted, you only need use the search button. Perhaps, it would have been more logical for you to search for the answers you sought as they were already posted. Then you would have have been in a position to make a more logical query. It is evident that you did not do this.

3) "If it doesn't hurt you, what's the harm, just try it."
I don't think this is the right answer when it comes to fundamental health issues. If you are experiencing problems and you are doing something you think it helping, but it's not, you could literally be killing yourself.

And what exactly are you doing, when you consume pharmeceutical drugs?? In my possession, I have a Compendium Of Pharmaceuticals and Specialists reference guide. This is like an encyclopedia commonly referenced by doctors and pharmacists and lists all side effects of the most common drugs. And when I see some of the side effects associated with some of the most common prescription drugs, I am surprised that some of these drugs have not been outlawed as some appear just as dangerous in their effects as street drugs. When you go to your doctor, ask him what the "long term effects" of some prescription drugs are, s/he will look at you like a startled deer before it gets hit by a car. S/he has no idea. The scary part is anytime you ingest these prescription drugs, you are a guineau pig for any long term side effects, which could include serious cancer. So, in your words, "you could literally be killing yourself." Having said that I am not saying that someone with diabetes or another incurable disease whose survival depends on taking medications should stop. What I am saying not ingesting medications that are designed to only provide temporary relief of a condition or only mask the symptoms without addressing the root cause of the problem. Case in point, Antibiotics have been overprescribed by doctors and now we face a huge issue with how this could facilitate the mutation of a superbug( Antibiotic resistant bacteria) that could potentially wipe out the human race or a good part of it. It may sound like Science fiction but it is a fact. Many people have been able to successfully reduce their blood pressure and maintain normal blood pressure through a regime of liver flushes. Had these people not stumbled on the Liver Flush and been open to try it, what would have happened. They would have likely ended up on a lifetime of blood pressure medications, whose long term side effects would have harmed their health in other ways and in many cases in more serious ways than high blood pressure itself.


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