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Hello Yescureme, I hope you can read this post...
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Published: 18 years ago
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Hello Yescureme, I hope you can read this post...

I am reposting here a very good thread that helped me some time ago.

I hope this helps.
ALikat responded my questions about justice and suffering. Since then we are friends and I appreciate the time she spent helping me. I hope this can bring understanding to you too.



A friend of mine is having a very bad time. She came here with her husband. He was studying and graduated from his MBA. She was baby sitting all the time.
Now she was expecting to study and have the opportunity. He says he does not love her anymore and he wants to separate.

She has been crying.

All this situation makes me feel very bad. Is it justice out there?

What is the role of justice in the creation? Is all about love? It means that my friend is crying and suffering and her husband is enjoying life and it is the same to God?
Does God forgive and forget all these sins? And the people suffering all over the world?

Some years ago there was a terrible revolution on Camboya. Many people died, were tortured and murdered. All those revolutionary and their victims are together in heaven?

There are children suffering hunger in developing countries. The politicians get all the money and live in palaces. They manipulate the truth, and poor people trust them and live in poverty and ignorance for ever.

Is justice part of the plan of God?

I would like to know your opinions.




Zule, yours is the question of many skeptics and those who become so disillusioned that they stop believing in God. It is understandable that you and many should ask that question. The world has many beautiful things, but behind every human being there are sad stories. All do not suffer alike, but all suffer.
Regardless of what form or name we give our God, we have free will. We choose wether to do right by others or to be selfish. The selfishness of your landlord may make you very unhappy, and the selfishness of a national leader opresses multitudes.
It is not God who causes people to be selfish, cruel, avaricious and dark. But God also can not force anyone to be any different than what they choose to be or what they are compelled to do. That would violate the free will that has been encoded into the system.
The spiritual plane that many of us have been talking about and contemplating is full of light and love. That's were God truly resides. He is not behind the pain and suffering that is experienced on the planet, and there is a way out at least in spiritual terms provided by Him.
On this plane good and evil co-exist, but you can choose the one that will last eternally.
I know this doesn't give you the answers to what you are perceiving in your daily experiences, but I hope it gives you some hope of what lies beyond.
In the meantime Zule, help your friend, she doesn't have much choice herself than to go on with her life and let her husband go on his. Struggling will not change his heart around. She will learn to be strong and rise above the situation in time. But you need to be even stronger so that her pain doesn't bring you down any further into depression.
This is not the time for you to be asking the big questios Zule, because you are too tender right now. Please keep faith, because God deals with individuals and comes to their assistance only when they are willing to look for Him. I know that you have done that, just don't stop expecting good things to happen to you because I know they will. You are a good and wonderful person, and like attracts like, so good and wonderful will come to you in time, if you just don't give up.
Many blessings and love to you :-)



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