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Biological Dentist wants to pull my root canal!

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Published: 18 years ago

Biological Dentist wants to pull my root canal!

I recently had my back wisdom tooth removed after years of bleeding due to a deep pocket between the back left wisdom tooth and the 2nd molar. The 2nd molar is a root canal tooth that was done around 10 years ago and has a large gold filling in it. I now have CFIDS with extreme episodes of fatigue and heart arrythmmias, episodes of chest pain (All cardiac tests are normal, except for pvc's, pac's, some episodes of tachycardia). I also have alot of muscle twitching throughout my body. I currently have CMV positive titers (2 yrs now), Mycoplasma Pneumonaie + titers, HHV-6 + titers, and mildly high candida titers. These are all markers for CFIDS. I am currently seeing a Dr. of Chinese Medicine who is treating my condition by cleasing my organs with herbs and building my immunity. I have improved after two months, but he says it will take seven to see real improvement. I have two root canals, 10 amalgams, and a bridge in the front of my mouth (due to falling as a teenager and breaking my front teeth). The dentist wants to remove the gold root filled tooth as he thinks its really causing me problems after muscle testing me. This will leave me with no two back teeth on the left side which worries me. I don't know what it will do to my facial structure and if it will weaken the left side of my jaw. Not to mention affecting my digestion because of impaired ability to chew. I have to make an important decision regarding my health. I have denied Antibiotic treatment of long term Doxycycline (they treat CFIDS like Lyme now) because I also have stomach problems, and believe the multiple viruses (CMV, HHV-6) are what's throwing me for a loop. The DOCM recommends removing the mercury, or my condition will return over and over again.

I have friends who have had the mercury removed properly and have not improved. The dentist wants to remove the root filled tooth before he does any Amalgam removal. He says he obviously can't recommend that I'll get better.

I am seeing improvement on the herbs, but have stopped them for a week because I began having to bear down to hard to pee and was having erectile dysfunction (scared me!). I will resume them again in a few days. I may have been too much cleansing at once, although the DOCM is very good and careful about what he gives me.

Any advice on the teeth?

Also, does anyone know a very good Biological dentist in NYC? I live in upstate NY and although the guy I'm seeing is on the DAMS list, I want a second opinion. It's going to be alot of work and I'm not looking forward to it as I'm already sick and have suffered alot already.

I'm currently taking ImmunoproRX undenatured whey for my immune system, OLE, Three Lac, Borage seed Oil, Flax oil, Vit C powder, E3 Live, CoQ-10 300 mg, and the herbs. I also eat an organic diet of vegies, fruit, protein, and brown rice. No Sugar or dairy.



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