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Re: constipation
Russell Mariani Views: 2,931
Published: 20 years ago
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Re: constipation

Hi Katie,

I have read your message very closely and here are my responses.
If you are still having trouble with a daily BM, then the colon cleansing products and protocols you have tried were not effective. This means that they might have been effective in getting things to move...but when you stopped using them, the problem simply returned. This means that the fundamental issues have not been adequately addressed. What still remains for you to do, is to restore health to your entire GI system. I can definitely help you to do that. Here are my answers to your specific questions, in order:

1. In a healthy digestive system, a good balance of cooked and raw foods is normal. In a compromised digestive system, nothing seems to work, and it really varies alot. Raw foods are hard to digest...overly cooked foods destroy enzymes...but properly prepared foods, along with chewing, food combining, and not eating late at night, not rushing, etc. will eventually work. When you have a compromised digestive system, it is critical to stop all the internal commotion and get things quiet down there.
Once sufficiently rested, the intestines really begin to heal rapidly. I use whole grain porridge, along with digestive enzymes and probiotics to maintain digestive system health, once constipation has been relieved through effective colon cleansing.
I have been using the same herbal cleansing products for over five years now, and have helped hundreds of people restore normal functioning, and most importantly, open up their diet to eat "wider" than ever before. (Prior to this, I tried many many different products over the years, but nothing ever worked 100% of the time...until the products I am currently using.)

2. If your blood ph was 5.0 you would be dead. The body works very hard to maintain blood ph levels constantly between 7.35 and 7.45 but urine ph and salivary ph can and will vary widely... Yes, I do have a protocol for maintaining proper ph levels. The first step and easiest step is to do the watercure recipe, so please ask me for that via email. I would need to take a comprehensive look at your eating habits and menu selections to help you decide which foods to eliminate and which foods to focus on. Probiotic balance in the gut helps in maintaining the proper ph levels of the blood. We would need to look at several areas to make sure you stopped doing the things that increase acidity, and start doing the things that are more alkalinizing. It's easy.

3. I have a very effective program for constipation. It works 100% of the time. It not only relieves constipation, but gets to the causes of the constipation in the first place. It also includes a maintenance program that ensures that you will not get constipated again...unless of course you want to. What I mean of course is this: once we learn how to restore and then maintain optimal digestive system health, we are free to maintain that health or free to invite the symptoms right back again. My goal with all my clients is to create such health and strength in the digestive system, that you are able to eat whatever you want to eat, without problems. This takes time, but it is possible.
I am living proof.

When I started my quest 30 years ago, I followed very restricted diet programs, which would work when I followed them, but then as soon as I would stray...wham...I would get my symptoms right back!
I hated feeling totally restricted all the time. Life is too short and food is too delicious to feel restricted all the time.
I made up my mind early on, that the nutrition program I was after was one that created the most amount of fun and the most amount of freedom. And so that's the program I use myself and teach to others. I look forward to working with you Katie, and thanks for your message.


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