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Please Help---I am in so much pain and so tired, don't know WHAT to do!
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Published: 16 years ago

Please Help---I am in so much pain and so tired, don't know WHAT to do!

Hi everyone-----I am 49 yrs old and have "put up with" what I assume to be my gallbladder for 3 years now. I had an attack when I was 46 (first time) and had a GB ultrasound and HIDA scan which were both normal. I have had attacks off and on for 3 years now. I have tried everything --but not flushes--I CANNOT DRINK OLIVE OIL---I get deathly ill and cannot quit vomiting if I even think about drinking oil. Three weeks ago, I had a very severe attack that lasted for a week! It was every day, all the time, biliary colic and pain in my GB area under my right rib---never let up for a week. My dr was out of town and I did not want to go to an ER, so "toughed it out"--lived on apple juice and crackers. It has been 3 weeks now and my pain is every sdingle day---I have no fever or jaundice, just the pain. My dr wants to do another GB ultrasound this Wed, which I will do. I began taking taurine, beet root, N-acetyl cysteine, 2000 mg of Vit C, malic acid---to no avail.

I am just thinking what if there are NO stones seen, as in my last one? Truthfully, I tried the castor oil packs for 3 weeks now, EVERY night, and they have not helped, which really scares me because the web site where I read about it said if they did NOT help, it was a "serious problem". Of course lately, I am thinking what if I had liver cancer or pancreatic cancer? I need to know from some of you here---can you have CONSTANT biliary colic and have no stones? Is that possible? Also, I am scared because I feel my GB constantly---I told my doctor and he looked at me strangely when I told him I had an "awareness" of my GB--like it is distended or something---I feel it most when I lie down at night, but I also feel it all the during the day, 24-7. A friend of mine told me she felt the same way and her GB was full of small stones. Could I "be aware" of feeling something if I don't have gallstones????? Tumors cross my mind...

My mother's gallbladder ruptured as they were removing it--at the same age I am now, so I have a family history--I am the "4 F's" ---female, fair, fortyish, "fat"--what an awful word (well overweight)---I don't want surgery but I cannot stand this pain all day long much longer. No herbs or the castor oil packs or totally changing my diet has helped me any! I am so afraid about all the terrible situations I have heard about on the CureZone board! But truthfully, I know MANY people my age who had their GB's out laparoscopically and have had no trouble at all--eat what they want---no more pain---and some of course who still have problems. If you have a competent surgeon who does lots of these, I would think you have a better chance of having a better outcome....please give me some feedback on this-----I came here because you all have already had the surgery....please help...I am going to have to make a decision very soon----probably next week----thank you so much for caring.

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