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The tougher answer
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Published: 13 years ago
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The tougher answer

in my humble opinion, is that it depends on your particular body. And it depends on where you get the meat.

I became strongly interested in the vegetarian/meat eating debate when my husband almost died of heart disease. His parents believed it was a sign of affluence to be able to put meat on the table at every meal. He was a big meat eater.

I've read Weston A Price and Sally Fallon and I've also read Andreas' Books . I lean more towards Andreas' viewpoint. He makes a very convincing case (and ayurveda is a 5000 year old Science by the way) for eating less meat, and eating according to your body type. My body type can process meat better than my husband's can. Andreas really goes into detail about exactly how meat affects the human body and his book is well worth reading.

Another aspect of eating animal protein is that it is much better for you when consumed raw, because cooking causes harmful changes. Except for dairy and egg yolks I can't get up much of an appetite for raw meat. Especially after seeing the worm pictures.

After spending 3 years researching the subject I've come to several conclusions about meat. I agree with Weston A Price that the only dairy worth eating is raw and from grassfed cows or goats. And all meat should be organic and grassfed. His website is great because it enables people to find local sources. I also agree with Andreas - Ayurveda is valid and it is important to know what your body type is and be informed about how eating meat affects your particular body.

Some body types don't handle meat well at all and do well as vegetarians. Some body types can handle it better and SMALL quantities of grassfed, organic, freeranging, humanely raised and slaughtered, animal flesh won't kill you. HOWEVER, IF YOU CAN'T GET THE MEAT DESCRIBED ABOVE - DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH THE DISEASED, CHEMICAL LADEN, TORTURED ANIMAL CARCASSES SOLD IN THE GROCERY STORE!!!!

That should be a no-brainer! It's the one thing everyone agrees with. Commercially raised animals are fed the very cheapest ingredients along with strong doses of hormones, Antibiotics , pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. You're wasting your time trying to cure ANYTHING if you're eating cadavers that are dyed pink to fool you into thinking they're fresh and healthy.

Girls are reaching puberty much earlier because of all the hormones in meat and milk. These hormones are designed to make animals put on maximum weight in the minimum time so they reach market weight faster. What do you think they do to you when you eat them second hand? Why do you suppose as a nation we are having so many problems with erectile dysfunction and reproductive problems? Could it possibly have anything to do with eating all these second hand hormones? Did you know that animals that are too diseased to sell because they're full of sores and tumors and cancers, are ground up and fed back to animals because it's a good (cheap) source of protein? Do you want to eat that even second hand? Did you know that chickens are routinely fed arsenic in their feed? Did you know cooking the meat doesn't destroy it or the other toxic chemicals that are needed to keep them alive long enough to be sold?

Oops, sorry, I'll hand off the soapbox to someone else now!


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