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Cleansing Drink/Rehydrating Drink Notes & Recipe

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Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago
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Cleansing Drink/Rehydrating Drink Notes & Recipe

This cleansing drink is based on The Master Cleanser drink with a bit extra oomph. :)

This drink is good for:

Acne, general detoxing/pH balancing, energy, circulation, rehydrating, digestive aid.

Meal replacement - if you've had a day of holiday eating and need to give your digestion a break, just drink this drink in place of a meal.

Nightly cleansing/pH balancing - each night our body detoxes. When taken before bed it helps that process by providing lots and potassium and other alkaline minerals. It helps to replace what is lost through digestion every day. If you eat a very acidic meal such as a really good prime rib dinner, you can help to balance it with this drink. Even the maple syrup is alkaline.

Increase power of digestion - the lemon juice aids gastric juices; apple cider vinegar aids small intestine; cayenne pepper digestion overall.

Increase circulation - cayenne pepper is wonderful for aiding circulation. Continual use will help it act as a painkiller on any areas it touches as the body learns to ignore the capsicum.

Cleanse Intestines - this drink helps get rid of mucous, especially in the digestive tract, and so may loosen mucoid placque and help you expel it if you are undergoing fiber colon cleansing. You can add your fiber to this drink to deliver the cayenne, lemon and ACV to the colon rather than the stomach in order to balance micbrobes and really cleanse. Omit the maple syrup in this case.


8-12 oz of water, may be warm. Vary amount of water according to taste and whether you've met your goal of ounces for the day.
Juice of 1/2 lemon
grated peel too if organic
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 tsp grade B maple syrup or to taste
4-5 drops cayenne pepper tincture (assuming 10,000 heat units)

An important note on the Apple Cider Vinegar:

You can use regular store-bought ACV and still get benefits, but if you really want to aid your bowel flora and experience the full realm of health benefits you must get raw, unpastuerized ACV that still has "the mother." This ACV looks cloudy because it has microbes alive and well in it, so it's like drinking Kefir. These are friendly flora, no need to get the heebie jeebies! :) You should be able to find this at a health foods store, and the label may even say "with the mother!" on it to reduce confusion as to whether it's the right one. If it's cloudy, it's the right one.

Contra-indications for this drink:

Some people cannot handle a lot of lemon juice. They don't handle citrus acids well and may get cankor sores or sore tongue. Discontinue use in that case.

Lemon juice causes the liver and gallbladder to cleanse and sometimes contract. If you overdose on the cleansing drink, say, 6 lemons a day or more, the lemon juice could tire/weaken the gallbladder or spleen. If you have a tendency to gallbladder attack pain, this drink may bring that on (nausea, burning pain, referred pain to shoulders).

Maple syrup is contra-indicated for stage-one candida people.

ACV is loaded with potassium; if you have impaired kidneys, you should monitor potassium intake and stick to low-potassium foods.

Cayenne pepper should not be taken for more than 30 days in a row.

This is the best drink for rehydration, better than Pediasure even. Take this drink after fluid loss, such as diarrhea.

8-12 oz water
juice of 1/2 lime
any Sugar you want to flavor, as long as it's real not stevia or substitute - maple syrup, crystalized fructose, table sugar, brown rice syrup, etc. It's important for there to be glucose in the water, this slows digestion and allows for better transport.
Dash of good Sea Salt . This too is important; unless the serum sodium level is high, the brain will not signal the body to absorb water.

learn more about apple cider vinegar


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