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shelleycat Views: 3,695
Published: 17 years ago
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Idyllic Liver Flushing Series

Here is my ideal Liver Flush protocal, as requested. :) It's not the easiest, but it's thorough and will help take care of digestive complaints etc.

Pre-flush and in-between flushes:

Bowels should be clean and strong, maintaining at least 1 BM a day.

Cleanse and support liver/gallbladder/kidneys with carrot/apple/beet/parsley juice, large glass 5 days a week while doing a series of liver flushes. Just hit the juice bar every day at lunch hour or after work. Add lecithin to the juice.

Take herbs for the liver: Planetary Formula's Bupleurum Liver Cleanes OR Chinese Bitters and Coptis.

Eat a very simple, plain diet of mostly Kichadi, soups, salads. Reduce fat to just the good EFA fats, about 2-3 tablespoons a day max. NO dairy, butter, meats, etc.

Soften stones by taking Liquid Phosfood, 10 drops 3x a day for 3 days before flush date.

Actual flush:
Day of flush: eat only non-fat, easy to digest, small meals up to 6:00 pm.

11:00 pm, make up 2 doses of 1/2 cup olive oil and 3/4 cup grapefruit. Can add lemon or orange juice to the grapefruit.
Mix first drink and chug it down. Wipe out mouth with paper towels, gargle with baking soda if you use lemon. Watch tv or read. Use a castor oil pack or heating pad over abdomen if you like. Suck on hard peppermint candies to ease queasiness. 15 minutes later, take remaining dose. Try to sleep.

Upon rising in the morning, do a heavily salted SWF. Massage the abdominal area as it works its way through, crouch down as you do this. Void as needed. OR do an enema.

Drink peppermint tea all day and take digestive enzymes with meals.

Eat only very very simple foods, preferably kichadi or porridge, veggie soups, for a day or three, then treat yourself, then return to liver management diet.

Continue colon cleansing: Do an enema at least 3x over the next 5 days. TAke P&B shakes at least 2x day for 5 days. Follow all the guidelines in Increasing Digestive Power.

Do lymph management: 2 detox baths, dry brushing, trampoline.

Next week, do a MINI FLUSH. Just one dose of oil/grapefruit. Massage abdomen. Enema upon rising in the morning. Don't expect to get out stones, this is for circulation, detoxing, sludge removal.

Week after that, do the regular flush.

Take a break, eat more fun foods, use more EFA oil, keep juicing and colon management.

repeat until symptoms subside and health goal is reached.

Take a 6 month break and repeat, at least 2 regular and 2 mini flushes. Take another 6 month break.

That's it! Hope this isn't totally confusing!!!

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