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Re: reasons to drink your juice

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: reasons to drink your juice


CARROT JUICE – One of the richest sources of Vitamin A with an excellent supply of Vitamins B, C, D, E, F, G, and K. Promotes and normalizes weight and appetite. Helps digestion and maintains bone structure and teeth. Promotes healing of ulcerous and cancerous conditions. Improves health of pregnant women. Liver cleanser, helps with impotency and dermatitis.

CELERY JUICE – Vital organic sodium good for improving digestive juices. Adds tolerance to heat. High in magnesium and iron, which build blood, cells. Excellent for nervous conditions.

CUCUMBER JUICE – Natural diuretic, promotes nail and hair growth. Decreases uric acid in system and improves rheumatic ailments. Normalizes pressure and beautifies skin.

GARLIC JUICE – Natural antibiotic, promotes peristalsis, intestinal cleanser, diuretic, reduces intestinal parasites.

MUSTARD GREEN JUICE – High in magnesium, which vitalizes muscular tissue, brain and nerves. Nervous afflictions benefited by high amounts of phosphorus and sulfur.

PAPAYA – Excellent for digestion, high in papain, helps heal ulcer, crushed pulp makes good poultice for wound healing.

PARSLEY – Very potent genito-urinary tract, improves weak eyes, cataracts and conjunctivitis, alleviates menstrual cramps and irregularities (too concentrated for consuming large quantities).

POTATOE JUICE – Clears skin blemishes, decreases gout and sciatica pain.

RADISH JUICE – Promotes mucus membrane function and decreases sinus problems from asthma and allergies (too concentrated for consuming large quantities).

SPINACH JUICE – Corrects constipation regenerates degenerated tissues, good for teeth and gums and disease pyorrhea, alleviates joint pain from Arthritis and rheumatic conditions.

STING BEAN JUICE – Beneficial to diabetics has compounds necessary
A good source of quercetin, a phytochemical that fights the free radicals that lead to heart disease and cancer. Unpeeled apples are also rich in fiber, which benefits digestion and lowers cholesterol by sweeping it our of your intestines. Because they contain fiber and fructose, a fruit sugar, apples have a low rating on the glycemic index, which means they keep blood Sugar levels steady and hunger at bay longer than other fruits.

Bell peppers are outstanding for their ability to boost your immune system and fight free-radical damage to your cells, helping you to fend off ailments such as cancer and heart disease. Green, yellow, and orange bell peppers are among the best vegetable sources of vitamin C, but red bell peppers are even better, they provide three times as much vitamin C as oranges. Bell peppers are also an excellent source of cancer-fighting beta carotene, but red peppers provide 20 times more than other peppers.

They're sources of lycopene and ellagic acid, phytochemicals that prevent the cell damage that may lead to cancer. Blackberries are one of the few fruits that contain heart-protective vitamin E and 1 cup of raspberries supplies a third of your daily requirement of fiber, which benefits digestion. Berries also strengthen blood vessels, protecting eyesight and reducing heart disease risk.

Broccoli contains sulforophane, a phytochemical that may prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. Lutein, a powerful vision protecting antioxidant found in broccoli, may also reduce the risk of colon cancer. This cruciferous plant is also rich in folate, fiber, beta carotene and vitamin C, all of which help prevent heart disease.

Garlic promotes circulation and lowers cholesterol. It also contains sulfur compounds that may prevent cancer-cell growth. In a study, women who ate garlic frequently were 30% less likely to develop colon cancer.

This rhizome is famous for its effect on nausea. It can help relieve motion sickness, morning sickness, and nausea caused by anesthesia. Ginger also contains a compound called ginerol that may lower blood pressure and increase circulation.

This anti-cancer food provides all three of the vitamin antioxidants-beta carotene, C, and E. And it offers more beta carotene and vitamin C than other greens such as collards and Swiss chard. It's a rich source of folate and of calcium and magnesium, two minerals important for strong bones. It also contains lutein, an antioxidant that protects against macular degeneration.

The mango is the single best fruit source of cancer-fighting carotenoids-with more beta carotene than either apricots or cantaloupe. Mangoes are rich in the antioxidant vitamins C and E. One mango contains 7 grams of digestion helping fiber, much of it soluble fiber that keeps cholesterol low.

Onions promote heart health because their sulfur compounds help lower dangerous levels of blood fats and keep plaque from adhering to artery walls. They contain a flavonoid called quercetin, which is particularly abundant in the red varieties.

The best book i've read on juicing is "Juiceman's Power of Juicing". First he seperately lists all the fruit recipes, then all the veggie recipes. Then he lists almost all the fruits & veggies that are used for juicing, and tells you everything about that food (what nutrients it has, how to store it properly). Then he lists all vitamins & minerals, and which food contains it. And it also tells you what you can mix together. Explains everything. The paperback is $6.

Hope that helps...pat sr

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