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EFT does have good scientific basis.

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Published: 15 years ago

EFT does have good scientific basis.

I'm a health writer and member of the Australasian Medical Writer's Association.

I was lucky enough to interview one of the pioneers of EFT Steve Wells from Western Australia.

Steve is a fully qualified practising psychologist who uses EFT as a mainstay in his practice.

You can check out plenty of free information on his excellent site at

Below is an excerpt from the Health watch feature ( I wrote about EFT and other therapies.

Andrew Cavanagh

But a therapy certainly doesn’t have to be old to seem a little bizarre or to be effective. One unusual therapy developed in more recent history involves removing negative emotions by tapping on various parts of the body. Called the emotional freedom technique, or EFT, a patient taps a series of acupressure points while thinking of a negative emotion or experience.

Practitioners and patients report significant reduction or elimination of negative emotions in a matter of minutes. Further, they claim that many emotionally based physical illnesses are relieved simply by “tapping” for the emotions and experiences related to that illness. EFT is even used to enhance the performance of elite athletes and business people by taking away the emotional blocks to becoming a peak performer.

Science is beginning to confirm some of these unusual claims too. Canadian researcher Dr Paul Swingle showed epileptic seizures in children significantly reduced with daily EFT. In the study the children’s parents administered EFT or “tapping” on their children every time they suspected a seizure might occur. In a startling result, the EEG or brain scans of those children showed a significant positive change after two weeks of this “tapping” therapy.
Another study by Dr Swingle and Lee Pulos, Ph.D. showed significant positive changes in the brain waves of auto accident victims suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Three months after learning to “tap” with EFT these subjects also experienced significant reductions in symptoms like panic attacks, traumatic flashbacks and nightmares.

More recently Australian EFT practitioner and qualified psychologist Steve Wells performed a study where subjects with a fear of small animals or insects like spiders were given a single thirty-minute treatment of “tapping” with EFT. Subjects showed a significant reduction in their fear response and six to nine months later that reduction in fear was still present.

From his psychology clinic in Inglewood, Western Australia, Wells said: “If you told me ten years ago I’d be teaching people to tap on meridian points to treat psychological problems I would have said you’re crazy. It really does sound like new age mumbo jumbo. But now EFT is rapidly gaining a wealth of scientific and especially clinical evidence.

“Perhaps the greatest vindication for EFT is the growing list of highly credentialed psychologists, counselors and medical professionals employing EFT with their patients. You simply wouldn’t keep using something that seems so strange unless it worked.”

Sometimes medicine is a little hasty in discarding or discrediting therapies when they seem a little unusual or even bizarre. While skepticism is an intelligent defense in the field of health always keep one fact in mind. No matter how strange it may seem on the surface, often a therapy will stand the test of time for one simple reason – it works.

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