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Water and Salt.....a summary of the book...

Hulda Clark cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Hulda Clark cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

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Published: 16 years ago
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Water and Salt.....a summary of the book...

A beautifully written and profound book, Water and Salt, about the essence of life, water and salt....our very make up. I have put together a summary in a word.doc and cut and pasted it here.....

Himalayan (or Hunza) Salt

When we speak of Himalayan Salt Crystal, we are referring to only one specific salt crystal, the “original” coming from one specific location in the East Karakoram range of the Himalayan Mountains and has been the subject of comprehensive medical research as written about in the book Water & Salt – The Essence of Life, by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD. Himalayan Salt Crystal is more than sodium and chloride. It can actually be viewed as food. When we speak of salt, and as we scrutinize its properties, we mean salt in its original form: holistic, wholesome, unaltered, natural salt, as it has crystallized in the earth over millions of years.

Himalayan Salt Crystal contains all the elements of which the human body is comprised. From the periodic table of elements we are familiar with 94 natural elements (stable as well as unstable). Apart from inert gases, all of these elements (84) can be found in salt crystal. Hence, salt crystal contains all natural minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body. We perceive salt crystal as being the totality of all natural elements. This may not be entirely correct according to chemistry, however we will continue to use the salt crystal in this context. The number of the respective elements contained in the salt crystal is biophysically irrelevant to this study.

The Meaning of the Word “Salt”

The word salt comes from the Latin term sal, which again comes from the word sol. Sol is synonymous with the “sole,” the water and salt solution and is the Latin word for sun. Mythologically, and from its definition, sole means “liquid sunlight,” the liquid materialization of the sun’s energy, liquid light energy, bound into a geometrical structure, capable of creating and sustaining life. This literally explains where life on earth came from: from the sole of the primal oceans.

The Celtic word for salt, “hall” has the same roots as the German word heilig meaning “holy” which also comes from the word heil meaning “whole.” Further, hall also signifies sound (German schall). The schall is a sound with a long hall, which means echo or reverberation in German, involving vibration. If we knew of these correlations today, we would be asking our neighbor at the table to “please pass me some vibration,” rather than “please pass me some salt.” We have to ask, “were the Celts conscious of the fact that salt contained all the frequency patterns of the elements?” And, that “hall” was the basic vibration for “heil” (German health”)/”wholesomeness”? They definitely know how to cure illnesses and rebalance the energy deficit in the body through “hall,” their salt. From an energetic, as well as from the biophysical point of view, an energy deficit can be balanced with salt, regardless of the missing frequency pattern, or the missing information/energy/life-force. Pure salt crystal is still geologically defined as “halite,” in which we can recognize the Celtic word “hall” for salt and “lit” for light. Loosely translated, salt crystal or halite means light vibration.

Natural Himalayan salt crystal consists not only of two, but also of all natural elements. These are identical to the elements of which our bodies have been built and originally found existing in the “primal ocean” from where all life originated. Interesting enough, our blood is a sole, containing the same salty solution as that of the primal sea; that is, a fluid consisting of water and salt.

Salt – Mediator Between Energy and Matter

Salt is that which remains after matter has dissolved and transformed into subtle matter. The founder of the Schussler Salt Therapy, Dr. Wilhelm Schussler, already proved, over 100 years ago, that the ashes remaining after a corpse is cremated are nothing but the salts of which the human body is made. The byproduct of the modern waste burning plants is salt. Needless to say, no one would want to east this salt, but the fact remains, it is salt. Our prehistoric ancestors were already aware of the crecial necessity of salt. Whenever they found salt they guarded it like a treasure. Later in history, salt was called “white gold” and was the subject of political power plays, which oftentimes resulted in war. Roman soldiers were actually paid with salt, which is reflected in the “salary..” Salt was more important for survival than gold. Through Europe, the salt routes over which the white gold was transported emerged. The names of many German cities bear testimony to this time, with such names as Salzgitter or Salzburg for instance.

The Structure of Salt

Similar to water, salt has its individual crystalline structure. In contrast to the structure of water, which is tetrahedral in shape, the grid structure of salt is cubic in forum. This cube is constructed from the light quanta, also called photons, which are pure light energy. The light/heat energy of the sun evaporated the primal oceans more than 250 million years ago and the energy expended for this dehydration is stored in the platonic body of the salt’s crystalline grid as potential energy. By adding water, the force of the grid can be overcome, so that the energy it holds is liberated. In this process, the elements within the salt crystal are ionized, allowing them to penetrate the body’s cells. This created an ocean of energy, a powerful potential, waiting only to create and sustain life.

The Power of Salt to Transform

From a scientific point of view, salt has a very unique property. In contrast to all other crystalline structures, the atomic structure of salt is not molecular, but electrical. This fact is what makes salt so transformable. When we submerge a quartz crystal into water and remove it after 10 minutes, it is still the same quartz crystal. It did not change molecularly, though it has a crystalline structure. Although the crystal can give its energy, its frequency pattern into the surrounding water, which is effortlessly absorbed, the quartz crystal remains the same. The crystal is too rooted in matter to be dissolved or disassociated from its polarity.

When we submerge a crystal of salt into the water, it dissolved, and the sole is created. Sole is neither water nor salt. It is a higher energetic dimension than either the water or the salt alone. When the sole evaporates, the salt is left behind. This transformability of salt ensures that is does not have to be metabolized in our body. Starch is transformed into sugar, protein into amino acids and fat into glycerin and acid. But salt remains salt. It is directly available to the cells in its ionized form as sole (so-lay). All other fools much be separated into their components in order for the body to make use of them. But salt always remains in its original form. It even accesses our brain directly.

No Thoughts and No Actions Without Salt

Even the simplest processes in our body need salt or its inherent elements in ionized form. For example, it is the task of our nervous system to transmit the stimulation that has been recorded via sensory input to our brain, which in return passes this information back to our muscles in order for us to react to the respective stimuli. An electric potential occurs on the membrane wall of the cells when the positively charged potassium ions leave the cells and the positively charged sodium ions cannot enter due to their size. The outside becomes positively charged and the inside negatively charged. When a nerve cell is stimulated, its membrane suddenly becomes polar opposite and consequently is permeable for the sodium ions.

In 1/1000th of a second, the electrical potential is transformed and released, with every nerve impulse, 90 mill volts of energy. The received stimuli are now being converted into thoughts and actions. Without the elements potassium and sodium in the salt, this process is not possible. Not even a single thought is possible, let along an action, without their presence. Just the simple act of drinking a glass of water requires millions of instructions that come as impulses. In the beginning there is the thought. This thought
is nothing but an electromagnetic frequency. The salt is responsible for enabling this frequency to transmit commands to the muscles and organs.

The Conductivity of Salt

Most of us are familiar with experimenting with the conductivity of salt from Science class. We attach two ends of an electric current to a light bulb and submerge it into a glass with distilled water. Because this water is not conductive, the bulb does not light up. But when we add a little bit of salt into the water, the bulb slowly starts to glow. It is the same with our body. When we lack the natural elements of the salt, we are suffering from a chronic loss, a chronic energy deficit, or deficit of information. Salt cannot be labeled as a medication, because that would imply that apples too are a medication. Salt is a core essential nutrient with exceptional abilities and qualities fundamental for keeping us alive. And we can find that which we are lacking, the respective frequency pattern, as well as the necessary bio-chemicals, in natural salt crystal.

White Gold to White Poison

As common as salt shakers are to our kitchens, so are the numbers of diseases associated with salt’s daily use. Life is not possible without salt. But our consumption of salt is killing us. Why is that? Because our regular table salt no longer has anything in common with the original salt crystal of which we’re talking about here. Salt nowadays is mainly sodium chloride and not salt. Natural salt crystal consists not only of two, but also of all natural elements. There are identical to the elements of which our bodies have been built and originally found existing in the “primal ocean” from where all life originated. Interesting enough, our blood is a sole, containing the same salty solution as that of the primal sea; that is, a fluid consisting of water and salt. It also has the same ratio of concentration as existed in the days when life left the primal sea. This sole flows through more than 56,000 miles of waterways and blood vessels throughout our organism with the forces of gravity and levity and regulates and balances the functions of our body.

How Salt Became Sodium Chloride

With the advent of industrial development, natural salt was “chemically cleaned” and reduced to the combination of sodium and chloride. Essential minerals and trace elements were removed as impurities. However, sodium chloride is an unnatural, isolated, unwholesome substance having nothing in common with salt. Similar to white, refined sugar, salt, once regarded as white gold, was converted into white poison. However, there is a higher reason for salt having been endowed with all the natural elements found in our bodies. Sodium chloride is an aggressive substance, which biochemically, is perpetually seeking an equalizing counterpart so that the body’s pH can always remain neutral. Sodium
chloride needs its natural counterpart in order for it to produce its effect. The natural counterparts, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals and trace elements, demonstrate, from a biophysical standpoint, specific frequency patterns. These patterns ensure the geometric structures in our body. When these structures are missing, we are without energy and are lifeless. Salt should not be used just to add flavor to our food, but for its vibration pattern, which is similar to our body!

How table salt Burdens the Body

While our body only requires the minute amount of .007 ounces of salt per day, most of us suffer from a lack of salt, even though we’re over-saturated with sodium chloride. When our consumption of salt is less than .007 ounces per day, salt craving kicks in. The average, per capita, daily consumption of table salt in the U.S. is between .4 ounces and .7 ounces. However, our body is only able to excrete .17 ounces to .25 ounces a day through our kidneys, depending on our age, constitution and sex. The body recognizes table salt as an aggressive cellular poison, an unnatural substance, and wants to eliminate it as quickly as possible in order to protect itself. This causes a constant overburden on our organs of excretion. In almost every preserved product, salt is used as part of the preservation process. So, by adding salt to the already-salted food, the body received more salt than it can get rid of.

The body now tries to isolate the overdose of salt. In this process, water molecules surround the sodium chloride in order to ionize it into sodium and chloride to neutralize it. For this process, the water is taken from our cells as the body sacrifices its most perfectly structured cell water in order to neutralize sodium chloride. With is this, the dehydrated body cells die.

The consequences of Consuming Table Salt

The result of consuming table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue, which is also the cause of cellulite. That’s why doctors tell us to avoid salt. For every .035 ounces of sodium chloride that cannot be eliminated, the body uses 23x the amount of its own cell water to neutralize the salt. If the sodium chloride is still too high, re-crystallization of the table salt occurs as the body uses available non-degradable animal proteins (as those found in milk), which also have no value and cannot be broken down and eliminated. The body uses these proteins to produce uric acid in order to get rid of the excess salt. As the body cannot dispose of uric acid, it binds itself with the sodium chloride to form new crystals that are deposited directly in the bones and joints. This is the cause of different kinds of rheumatism such as arthritis, gout, and kidney and gall bladder stones. The re-crystallization is the body’s bandaid solution for the cells and organs in order to protect the body from irreparable damage of irresponsible food intake. But in the long run, it poisons the system because those substances cannot be disposed of.

The Difference Between Rock Salt and Salt Crystal

The elements in rock salt are not integrated into the salt’s crystal grid, but cling to the outside surface and crevices of the crystalline structure. This is the fundamental difference between rock salt and salt crystal. A salt crystal manifests a superior structure. Due to this sublime form, the elements are biochemically available for our cells as are the individual frequencies or vibration patterns. Rock salt is a cheap alternative to table salt, and is at least a natural and wholesome product. Biochemically and biophysically however, it is of little importance to our organism. We can only receive the resonant effects of the geometrical structure through the superior order or structure of a crystal and our cells can only absorb those elements that occur in an ional form. Only under considerable pressure can the elements be transformed into a specific size, making them ional, which enables them to pass through our cell wall. This is important because our cells can only absorb what is available organically or ionally. Therefore, we cannot absorb the minerals from mineral water as they’re not refined enough to penetrate our cell walls. And what doesn’t get into our cells cannot be metabolized. Therefore, the best calcium is useless if it cannot be available to the body’s cells. What we need is the organic, or ional state of an element, in perfect natural symbiosis with all its associated elements, in order for our organism to make any use of it.

Salt Crystal

Pure, natural salt crystal has been subject to enormous pressure over millions of years. The pressure is responsible for creating the salt crystals. The higher the amount of pressure the more superior or excellent the state of order within the crystalline structure. Salt, for us, is foremost an information carrier and not a spice. For information to be absorbed into our cells, a crystalline structure is necessary. Chemically, a stone and and a quartz crystal are both silicates. However, the vast difference in the amounts of pressure they were subjected to, distinguishes them. The quartz crystal embodies a perfect geometric form, a perfect state of order within its structure. The stone does not. Its elements are coarse, because it was not subjected to enough pressure to create a crystalline structure. Salt crystal layers wind through the mountain salt, shimmering in transparent white, pinkish or reddish veins. Only with sufficient pressure was the salt of the salt mountain transformed into salt crystal.

The elements trapped with the salt crystal are in particles small enough to be able to penetrate the human cells and be metabolized.

The Healing Effect of Salt

For thousands of years salt has been known as a panacea. Alchemists called it “the fifth element”—besides water, earth, air and fire—because its qualities were comparable only to ether, the actual fifth element. Why are we so drawn to the ocean? Because our subconscious mind instinctively wants to return to the specific vibrational state of the ocean from which we once emerged. This is where we can return to recharge our batteries and regenerate. It was only 250 years ago, with the advent of industrialization, that we initiated our disconnection from nature and her ways. Fortunately, we are witnessing a trend to return back to natural, holistic methods for living and caring for our body, including a shift back to utilizing natural salts in this process. People everywhere are reconsidering the healing effects of natural salt crystal. We can find it in skin care lotions and for use as bath salts, and it is even used in inhalation or cleansing treatments for illnesses of the respiratory system and for a variety of other indications.

The Neutralizing Effect of Salt

The healing properties of salt are also known in allopathic medicine. The largest and oldest salt works in Europe occupies the royal salt mine of Wieliczka, Poland, just 7.5 miles outside of Krakow. Here, a hospital was carved out of the expansive salt mountain, 740 feet below the surface, specifically for asthmatics and patients with lung disease and allergies. Several thousand patients have been successfully treated in this hospital. The healing rate is astonishingly over 90%. Recognition of the healing effects of salt chambers has influenced the construction of a similar underground spa located in the salt mine of Berchtesgaden in Germany. The therapeutic benefits of long-term residency inside the healing salt chambers are allopathically acknowledged. The healing effects were originally thought to be related to the purity of the air within the mine’s chambers. But if it was only a question of the purity of the air, why was the air in the cave so healthy, and the air above-surface so unhealthy? One cause has been determined. Our houses are charged with electromagnetic devices, such as TVs, stereos, computers, microwave ovens and the basic electric currents running through our walls. And, when not at home, we hold Cell Phone s to our ears while driving in our cars and walking through our daily lives. This electro-smog causes an excess of positively charged ions that disturb the balance between the positively and negatively charged particles. Further, it creates an excess positively charged, chemically unbound particles in the air. Only thirty seconds on a Cell Phone are enough to open up our blood-brain-barrier, a natural barrier that protects our brain from toxins, for eight hours. A swedish study showed that ninety percent of the women who used a copper-T I.U.D. as their birth control method, while simultaneously using Cell Phone s, developed uterine cancer; the cause being that the I.U.D. functioned as a transmitter and received of unnatural, dissonant vibrations.

Himalayan Salt Crystal

Salt Crystal from the Himalayas is considered the king’s salt. It is also known as the “white gold” or “salt of life.” This is not surprising, since the word salt comes from sun (sol). Himalayan salt crystal contains eons of stored sunlight. Together with pure spring water it offers the complex mineral foundation for life to emerge, to be maintained and sustained.

It had millions of years to mature under great tectonic pressure, far from exposure to impurities. Primal energy from millions of years ago is stored in salt crystal’s unique structure. All its inherent minerals and trace elements are available in colloidal form. This guarantees that the body is able to absorb necessary potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements.

Salt crystal from the Himalayas, together with pure water, is the purest, simple, yet most effective preventive health measure we can take. Plinios, a Roman writer (23-79 AD) declared: “Salt crystal is the most important remedy for mankind.”

Our common cooking salt does not contain the vital elements that make salt crystal from the Himalayas so precious. Common cooking salt is basically an industrial waste product with only two of the original 84 elements remaining (sodium and chlorine) that is detrimental to our health. Sea Salt is a much preferred alternative to refined processed salt. However, natural salt harvested at the shore is only fully viable as long as it is not industrially processed and is not supplemented with additives to make it pour more easily. Sea pollution, with its many harmful toxins, causes negative biophysical frequency to affect the finished product.

Bathing with Salt Crystal

Bathing with salt crystal is recommended for skin diseases, joint diseases, after operations, to strengthen the immune system and to detoxify the body.

To get the full benefit of a therapeutic natural salt bath, the right salt concentration is mandatory. The salt concentration has to be at least the same as the one of our body fluids (approximately 1%) to activate the osmotic exchange ratio. Since a full tub normally takes 27-32 gallons of water, you need to use at least 2.2 lbs. of natural salt. Also to maintain the detoxing effect after the first detox bath, 3 to 4 handfuls are effective. The water temperature should be as close to 97 degrees as possible. The bath should be 20 to 30 minutes long. During this time, the body reaches the same salt concentration inside and outside as the one that can be compared to the pre-natal state.

Through the salt bathing, minerals penetrate the skin in form of ions. The stimulation will cause natural cell growth in the living cell layers. Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and the body’s own energy flow will be activated.

The natural regulating mechanism of the body, the so called homeostasis, is initiated. The detoxifying effect after the bathing can be compared to a 3-day fast. The salt is also a natural disinfectant. Observations have shown that the applications of the therapeutic natural salt bath have the best effect at the changes of the moon (at full moon: optimal assimilation; at new moon: optimal detoxification.)


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