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My dental adventures: the arthritis in my hands was gone!
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Published: 17 years ago

My dental adventures: the arthritis in my hands was gone!

I wanted to tell everyone about my experience in case you need dental work and can't afford it.

I had 9 Amalgams and a bad crown that needed to come out. I had been reading the bikerchicks website with great interest but was afraid to go that far (I'm in Florida.) I thought I'd rather spend a little more money and go with a local dentist.

I found a local holistic, metalfree dentist and went for an appointment with him. He told me that 4 of my Amalgams were so large that they would need to be crowned instead of refilled. Also, my crowned tooth looked on the xray to be dying so he could either do a root canal or pull it and put in a bridge. I knew I didn't want a root canal (and was surprised that a holistic dentist would even do it) but wasn't happy to think that two perfectly good molars would be ground down for a bridge either. He finally gave me a total cost of $10,000 which included around $3,000 for the bridge.

I had several misgivings about this dental office, from the whiter-than-white teeth on their too-large, perfect smiles, all the way up to the price which was way more than I could pay.

I began emailing Torrie ( more information and finally she set up an appointment with her dentist, Dr Morales, in Mexico. I was very skeptical because for all I knew Torrie was really a man who lured unsuspecting dental patients over the border, bopped them on the head and stole their travelers checks. But she put me in touch with about a dozen real people all over the country with real phone numbers and real stories of how he was a great dentist, so I began to feel more comfortable.

My husband and I flew to San Diego and stayed in the hotel that Torrie recommended, The International Motor Inn, and saw Dr Morales the next morning.

The dental work took about 5 hours. He ended up pulling the crowned tooth which I was glad of because it had been giving me pain for a long time. He also did three cavitations where my wisdom teeth had been pulled out 20 years ago. The total bill including the massage, the cavitations, the vitamin c IV, the IV sedation was only $2,000.

I didn't need 4 new crowns after all, for which I was very thankful! Also, he did the 3 cavitations which I didn't know I needed until he explained them in detail.

The day after the dental work I noticed that the Arthritis in my hands was gone! I wasn't expecting that and it was a nice surprise. Overall, I'm very thankful I went to him. I don't think I could have found a better dentist no matter how hard I looked or how much money I spent. I figured that flying myself and my husband out and paying for a rental car and the motel and food, and shopping, we spent around $1,000. That and the $2,000 for the dental work meant we still saved $7,000 over the cost of the local dentist.

I didn't even think about the three wisdom teeth that had been pulled out 20 years ago. I thought they healed up long ago. Dr Morales casually mentioned on the followup visit that cavitations often lead to arthritis. My jaw dropped, as I hadn't told him about my Arthritis going away after he did the cavitation surgery ! I'm so thankful he cleaned my cavitations; I never would have suspected that as causing my arthritis.

Update: In 2006 I made an appointment with Dr Morales to bring my son in for Amalgam removal. When we arrived in his office we were told Dr M had taken the day off, along with the other dentist who practices with him. Apparently they went to the races instead of work that day. That was on a Friday and we couldn't return the following week to see him as the receptionist suggested, so in effect we spent $2,000 to fly out there for nothing.

After this I've heard some other disturbing things about Dr Morales. Feel free to email me for more info that I can't post here.

Anyway, I no longer recommend Dr Morales. I might consider this dentist:

Or, I've called here to ask for a referral and gotten a good dentist:



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