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mercury toxicity coping skills
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Published: 15 years ago

mercury toxicity coping skills

FEAR!!! is a dominant influence which contributes to KIDNEY Meridian weakness mercury toxicity also encourages most people to increasingly feel fearful!!!!

HIGHER SELF GUIDANCE (Spiritually Derived Awareness,
upon one asking questions and receiving answers.
Anyone who is sincere can learn it.
Religious institutions generally frown on it because it challenges their position of absolute authority. With spiritual guidance, the question is always more important than the answer because the answer can only be as useful as the question is relevant. God never forces you to do anything. We wanted choice, so we got choice.

Choice means always having to ask and never being able to assume. The fact that we are educated to assume that we can rationalize everything into truth is an illusion of our own insistence, not of God's making. And since the answer is as specific as you personally are able to understand, sometimes guidance is more specific than is realized at first.

GOOD RESEARCH demands an open mind, innovation, perseverance, an appreciation for detail, individuality, good technical skills, a desire to understand, and a high degree of self-esteem and self-directedness.

Research can remove confusion, provide awareness, and define options and solutions. You can't buy good research for any amount of money. Often, the most fruitful research is that done by people who work on a voluntary basis or for whom the money and employment aspect is secondary. Every history of commercialized Science expenditures demonstrates this. Walk into any library and 80% of the research it carries is poorly designed, poorly conducted, poorly presented, and, useless in relevancy.

CLEANER BLOOD gives you clearer thinking --- which only then can be more responsive, constructive, and positive. Perhaps I was fortunate to have a Basic Personality which is naturally optimistic most of the time and to have been improving my spiritual strength for a number of years. Others in my position would probably have been "psychologically" depressed into inaction and paranoia. Concern isn't depression. If you are not concerned over something that is destroying your life, there is no hope for you.

WITH SOME PERSONAL RESEARCH, I discovered that serotonin encourages smooth muscle intestinal peristaltic action which keeps food and waste moving through the gut. It is also indicative of fairly regular sleep, a positive disposition, and less aggressive behavior. Often considered a "brain" hormone because it is a neurotransmitter ... necessary for thinking, it is actually produced in the intestine, blood, and endocrine glands. There are at least 3 types of serotonin (5-HT1A, 5-HT1C, 5-HT2) and each provides different influences.

SEROTONIN DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS include irregular sleep, dull headache, heart palpitations, physical tiredness although mentally alert, stiffness of neck and upper shoulders, fatigue, muscle weakness, hypersensuality (feeling your blood flowing), anxiety, over-aggressiveness, irritability, irregular body temperature. These symptoms can escalate to depression, psychosis, migraines, hypertension, hyperanxiety, short attention span, cancer tumor growth, heightened or decreased sex drive, fatigue, Alzheimer's, suicide, and death.

SOURCES of SEROTONIN production have been stated as vitamin B, magnesium, tyrosine, phenylaline, a high fiber diet, exercise and carbohydrate combined with either of soybeans, eggs, almonds, or pumpkin seeds cider vinegar, tomato soup were a cheap and effective serotonin booster.

SEROTONIN AGONISTS, which limit its production or destroy it, include cheese, carbohydrates, fatigue, harsh lighting, nitrate preservatives (luncheon meats), antihistamines (allergy drugs), MSG, chocolate, caffeine, smoking, cocaine, barbiturates, B6 deficiency, Magnesium deficiency, and a weak pancreas. Heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium) are all indicated as system depressors which act as agonists to everything biological. Seems like our highly competitive, highly aggressive, highly industrialized and commercialized culture is a serotonin agonist.

ENDORPHINS are other "brain" hormones which provide positive feelings and support positive serotonin-like behaviors. It is known that endorphin production is encouraged by confidence building behaviors, sensual stimulation, rigorous exercising/sweating, and some dietary options. Confidence building behaviors include affirmations, prayer, reverence, meditation, assertive communication, "quality" time, validation by others, acceptance by others, and, Tai Chi Chuan.

Sensual stimulation increases endorphin production and can be obtained from massage (many forms), acupuncture, acupressure, and touch sensing. Runner's highs, sexual orgasm, cold water swimming, dry heat sauna, Turkish steam baths also encourage endorphin production.

FOOD SOURCES which encourage endorphin production include some spices, Lemons, vitamin C and glutamine.

FEAR and AGGRESSIVENESS limit or deny the production of endorphins ... so a strong will is sometimes the source of pain becoming more intense and lasting longer than would otherwise be necessary. Chronic pain of any intensity can be moderated by increasing one's endorphin production ... by relaxing to and accepting the pain rather than tensing and fighting it.

Irregular serotonin levels result in physical Depression (everything slows down) which can result in in emotional and spiritual depression. My doctors did not understand why the Manerix dose had to be increased as the years progressed. But then they did not understand its laxative effect on normalizing the function of the ileo-cecal valve. Most doctors don't even know what that is. And there is very little in public access literature as well.

The stomach dumps partially metabolized food into the small intestine.
There, food is held in a soup-like consistency while microbes and biochemicals break it apart into nutrients which can be absorbed through the intestinal wall into the blood. The bacteria produce waste and the food fiber gets left behind. When the process has been optimized and more waste than nutrient remains, the ileo-cecal valve, located in your lower right pelvis near the appendix, opens. The soupy waste now dumps into the colon and the valve shuts. Now the stomach can dump more raw materials into the small intestine. The colon does its part my removing excess fluid and encouraging you to pass out the stool, before the ileo-cecal valve opens to dump in more material from the small intestine.

ILEO-CECAL VALVE PROBLEMS occur when the valve refuses to open, or, stays open most of the time. If it refuses to open, waste builds up in the small intestine. You don't have sensory nerve endings in your intestines or colon, so, unless you have a problem with gas buildup --- which can produced both local and referred pain --- you don't feel anything unusual. If you are self-aware, you will eventually notice that your abdomen is getting bigger and bigger and the skin and abdominal wall will begin to feel tight and tense. Abdominal tension is slow developing and subtle. It is like having an itch that you just can't locate. Painful menstruation, headaches, and, sexual obsession are common and conflicting side-effects.

A MALFUNCTIONING ILEO-CECAL VALVE will either block your wastes in the small intestine or result in them being back flushed from the large intestine (colon). They will then start entering your blood. This creates added strain on your liver, kidney, heart, and eventually, your brain. Cell wastes start to build up and muscle and joint aches and pains appear. A headache may arrive. Thinking becomes distracted and memory is disturbed.

Anxiety and frustration can build and encourage irritability, anger, visual impairment, aggressiveness, and, acting out. Most of the time the sufferer has no conscious awareness of what is going on and is so immersed in the confusion of the emotional intensity that, as educated, a "cause" will be rationalized. These "excuses" are nearly always wrong and either raise confusion or decrease the self-esteem of those around the sufferer.

THE CULTURAL ANSWER is to take drugs.
If you bought into this, you take pain killers almost constantly for recurring headaches. Waste accumulation, impaction, and backup in the intestines is a primary cause of respiratory and other allergies ... so you may take a lot of anti-allergy drugs. Since the waste isn't moving out effectively, you may be taking a laxative drug.

All of these drugs are semi-addictive --- they appear to solve the problem, but only temporarily. Pain killers destroy you kidneys and degrade your liver. Anti-allergy drugs can cause brain and immune system impairment and damage. Laxatives diminish the tone of your intestines so that even if the original problem is remedied by other means, you may still need them. Quick fixes blind us to the root of the problem ... so it keeps returning.

Mercury is a primary ingredient in many effective pesticides and insecticides.
It disrupts digestion and body function until either the digestive wastes of the organism kill it, or, there is one or more organ failures. Bacteria easily converts mercury from composite substances (including amalgams) into far more hazardous organic forms, of which methylmercury is the best known. Bacteria are in the digestive tract of most insects and animals including humans.

Since mercury collects in the tissues of animals and fish, the less vegetarian your diet, the more you may be at risk of environmentally-sourced mercury toxicity. Destructive acting out behaviors, which tend to be semi-suicidal, can also take their toll. Like birds flying in front of your car. Or squirrels crossing the road directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE ways of dealing with the malaise and Depression that accompanies waste accumulation have become, unfortunately, in decades past, drinking, smoking, and illegal drug use. Is it any wonder that North American culture is typified by the overweight, depressed, addicted, constipated, over-aggressive person? Government statistics have shown this for decades. Mercury toxicity could be ONE of the keys to constipation, depression, drug addiction, job difficulties, and relationship problems. What if such behaviors are not a matter of choice but one of compulsive response to mercury toxicity?

Manerix: increases serotonin depleted by mercury.
Vitamin C: releases mercury from tissues.
Milk Thistle: cleanses and rebuilds liver tissue.
Zinc, chelated: to replace that dumped by mercury.
Vitamin E: to repair tissue damage caused by mercury.
Multi-enzymes: to enhance digestive function diminished by mercury.
Intestinal Flora, 5 varieties (to enhance digestion, as above)

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