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My ongoing personal trial: Interim results
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Published: 14 years ago

My ongoing personal trial: Interim results

Hi there,

I wanted to share with you my experiences in trying to control HSV2. I am a naturally observant and curious person, and when I contracted this virus in April/May 2005, I decided I was not going to sit and wait for something to happen. Initially I was horrified and even today, it bothers me, more due to the stigma and inconvenience rather than any real pain or disomfort. I would have to say that I am quite fortunate, in as much that If I didnt see the outbreaks, I wouldnt really notice them, only mild discomfort.

Anyway, nonetheless its a horrible thing to have, so reducing the outbreaks, or even better, eliminating them, along with viral shedding, is my focus.

Triggers: I have found that if I have too much fun with white breads, as in, eat a lot of it in a short period of time, an outbreak is triggered. Might I add that this was my last outbreak, where I tried something new, and it seems to be working!

Usually, when I have an outbreak, I find that just as it seems like its all over, a secondary outbreak occurs. My outbreaks go the full course, starting from tiny red spots, like bright freckles, then developing into bumps, then fluid filled lessions then crusting up and finally clearing. I have been using zovirax or generic and it does seem to help a little, but its only good when you actually get an outbreak.

Now, with my last outbreak I decided to try coconut oil, after reading much material about its antiviral properties. It has been found to also be effective in reducing HIV viral loads, in studies that are still ongoing. As a standard rule, coconut oil should primarily be used orally, with around 50 to 60mls a day. I have added it to cereal, I've drank it and quite honestly, its not much fun taste wise. In cooking tho, its all good. I have decided however to make it into a pill form, by pouring the oil into moulds and solidifying it in the fridge, where it will be stored. This way it will be easier to take, just swallowing with a drink and no taste!

Now an important thing to consider here is that while coconut oil is a very good antivrial that attacks lipid based viruses, it will take a while for it to have any real effect on your body. it needs to accululate and scavange the free radicals and attack the viruses. I estimate that this could take anywhere from three to six months. Now thats a long time, but when you consider the potential outcome, it is well worth it. Due to the time it takes, I cannot at this stage provide you with any data as it has only been a month since I have started this trial. However, topical application has proven to be nothing short of phenominal!

A day into my last outbreak, I located a bottle of coconut oil. I rushed home and instead of using topical zovirax I applied the oil. I did this maybe three or four times that day. My outbreak had reached blister stage when I began applying the coconut oil. The outbreak stopped advancing! I had some mild scabs and that was it! Now I was worried about the secondary outbreak I usually expereince. Sure enough I saw the tiny red freckle spot appear. On with the coconut oil. it was fading within a couple of hours and totally gone by the end of the day. I was stoked. now every time I think I am seeing a new outbreak, I have been applying the oil and it goes away immediately! I have decided to apply the oil daily, in the morning and of an evening to see how it goes. This may very well conflivt with the results of the oral, however as I am expecting it to take over three months before it has a significant impact on the dormant virus, I will continue topical application. if, after 4 months I have not had an outbreak (which would be a record!)I will stop the topical application and see how things go with 50mls of oil taken daily.

This is my experience so far. Different people will respond differently or even not at all. However I suggest you give it a go, at least topically and get back to me. Coconut is a good oil, it does not contribute to heart disease and actually lowers bad cholesterol. It also helps you to lose weight! Do a google on coconut oil linked with herpes and find out yourself about the properties it has.

I will keep you updated and also will do my best to respond to any posts that originate from this post. I am interested in your expereinces!


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