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my story, comments on everything ive tried.
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Published: 15 years ago

my story, comments on everything ive tried.

alright. ive been following this forum for awhile, as i contracted herpes in january of 2004. ive pretty much scoured the internet a thousand times and read every forum, blog, and message board out there on everything. ive also tried quite a number of treatments for herpes and am still experimenting. so ill sort of fill you guys in on what ive found to work and what im going to try next in hopes that some of you can relate and provide feedback.

so, i knew i had an std the morning after i had hooked up this this girl, and by hook up i mean i fingered her and she gave me oral for about 2 seconds... pretty f**ked up, huh? i was blown away because this girl was the really innocent, christian, orchestra type in middle school (this was senior year HS). im not saying shes a slut, maybe she had an coldsore, asymptomatic, i dunno. but i had a tiny red blotch on my penis the next morning. i knew, somehow, it was herpes. in fact i ordered the "never an outbreak" program without even being tested after having self diagnosed myself, correctly it turned out.

ive heard a lot about oxygen therapy and i think there is a legitimate effectiveness behind it. basically, i applied a whole jars worth of the 70% DMSO over maybe the course of 3-4 weeks, spraying beforehand with H2O2. the BOL drops i did not use in any manner close to a program and stopped using them after a couple weeks. my point is, i dont think i gave the oxygen therapy a fair shot because i didnt follow a sustained protocol. even so, my symptoms, which were at this point not lesions, but just more of a matter of bumps "under the skin" with a slight pink rash, seemed to remain constant until the summer after my freshman year of college (summer 2005). im wondering, does anyone think that because i immediately attacked the virus with DMSO in the early stages of infection that this could explain such a long period of time without outbreaks (again, this whole time, it was just bumps under the skin, a sort of faint pink rash)? maybe i shocked the virus with all that DMSO, so i didnt break out for a long time? i dunno, just a thought.

anyway, around summer of 2005, i actually started having classic herpes symptoms - that internal ache, and larger fluid filled bumps that spread to other areas. this is when i really committed myself to curing myself and went to the doctor, got a prescription for valtrex, etc.

i never filled the valtrex precription because i didnt want to tell my parents. i had convinced myself that i could defeat herpes through other means... because my symptoms had been so mild for so long, its like i didnt really have it. anyway, i started ordering things like hell off the internet. first i tried choraphor. i found that it only formed a scab when the blister was totally open. it had no ability to stop blisters/lesions before they open. also, as soon as the area became wet, like from showering, the scab would turn to a light blue "pus" - a wet scab - therefore useless... lesion would continue to open.

lets see, everclr3: did nothing. took it for full month according to protocol.

h-balm: nothing. it felt good, a warming sensation, but did not stop outbreaks or even lessen them.

at this point i was convinced that INTERNAL medicine was the key - that topical treatment was only supplementary. after all these failures, i gave in. i told my mom i had herpes and wanted to get on valtrex. she was really understanding because she has HSV1 orally - no symptoms or anything, like most people. i took valtrex for about a month, 1g daily, and my symptoms became worse at first (herx reaction? aggravated virus?) and then returned to usual constant, mild outbreak. by this i mean, i always have a lot of small bumps under the skin that havent broken out, and occasionally, maybe every few weeks, 1 or 2 large lesions. i essentially lost faith in prescriptions after this, but i still keep an open mind. i moved on.

my most recent experiment has been with BHT, and so far it is most promising. my prodrome symptoms are mostly gone, except after eat, then i might feel an ache, depending on what i eat. i think the BHT is working, and from what ive read i need to keep with it for awhile. IF YOU TAKE ANYTHING FROM THIS POST, LISTEN TO THIS: TOPICAL BHT DISSOLVED IN OLIVE OIL WIPES OUT AN OPEN SORE. you can use any oil i guess, because BHT is fat soluable. anyway, i ordered a jar of BHT crystals and capsules (350mg). i take 3-4 capsules a day. i filled an empty jar with straight BHT crystals, about 2/3s full, and then filled it with olive oil. obviously, you need the crystals to dissolve into the oil, so i shook and mixed and set the jar on a heater so it was constantly warm. the next day, i applied with a q-tip an uber saturated BHT goo to 3 open sores. BOOM! the next day, the sores were just wounds... no pus, no fluid whatsoever. these sores were maybe 3-5mm in diameter, with pus (like a crater... i know, gross). no pus, and healing had begun. theres no way this cant work for you. drug resistance isnt an issue here. BHT straight up breaks down lipid envelopes. it will wipe out your sore. as far as closed lesions, i dunno. it seems to help a little.

i forgot to mention that before valtrex and BHT i had been taking lauricidin (monolaurin) and continue to. i cant tell if it helps. lets just say this, i havent been sick. i think monolaurin is very similar to BHT (dissolving lipid envelopes). maybe i only need one, but im taking both right now. i recommend it.

so, right now im still looking to find the perfect remedy. im waiting on an order of liquid samento (super cats claw), which is supposedly the greatest herb from the rainforest or something. i want to see what happens when i boost my immune system instead of attacking the virus directly. i think defeating this disease heavily relies on having a strong immune system, not so much on attacking virus bodies directly. who knows.

and finally, im intrigued by two topics of recent discussion: 1st, Bayer 57-1293. i think this is promising and im considering ordering some from the philipines, or wherever people are getting it. and 2nd, this mass valtrex cure (800mg 3x day for 10 days). im going to wait until i have enough valtrex from my next refill to do this (i need 24g right? i may even just use 30g to be sure, 3g per day).

so thats my rant. ive learned a lot from internet commnities and i really feel for all of you. i think we can beat this virus if we work together and fill each other in on everything. trust me, i feel your pain. this virus occupies my thoughts 24/7 and i f**king hate it, but i know it can be beaten. and im convinced to beat it soon. i hope some of you can provide feedback from what ive written. i know you can all benefit from the BHT/olive oil. TRUST ME, it works on at least open sores.

good luck, and well be in touch.

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