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Re: Carrying herpes in your system without knowing?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Carrying herpes in your system without knowing?

Haven't really been talking to her...I'm having a hard time dealing with this. She was the only one I was with since last August (kissing, oral and vaginal). The doctor I saw yesterday asked me if I did any heavy drug use (as he couldn't figure out what the spots were on my hand) and if I had HIV...I said no...although he said its rare for someone to get HIV from vaginal intercoarse...I called her later and asked her if she did any heavy drug use and she said it was none of my business said she was tired of talking about it then told me to f**k off and hung up. I texted her back saying I'm having a tough time dealing with this and said sorry at the end (I don't want her to never talk to me again).

I've never done any drugs in my life...I did take a couple tokes of Mary J when I was with her for the first time in my life (I'm 29). When I go out I just drink a little bit....ya I'm a bit of a nerd. I was also tested for STD's (although I still haven't seen my doctor yet as she's on holidays) so I dont know exactly what tests she did back in October. I remember a piss and blood test. I dont think she checked for herpes but then again I've never experienced anything this bad in my life (blisters, fever, headache, sore throat, sore back and swollen sore lymph nodes) so I'm sure this is my first outbreak. I would have seen the blisters. I wack it couple times a day so I would have seen the blisters for sure. They are freakin huge...size of dimes.

So ya...I'm pretty sure (99.9%) she gave it to me. I'm pretty sure she was mis-diagnosed as having strep throat (and subsequent times) just like I was at first and she didn't know she had herpes...but now blames me for it. She said she gave blood (or something to that effect) since the last time she had sex (year and a half ago) or something and they never said anything. Do they check for herpes in blood donations?

I emailed my previous girlfriend last week and said I might have gotten something and to go get checked out just in case. She said she was fine but was gonna check anyways. When I was with her she said she was tested just before she got with me and was negative. The doctor at the clinic got me to give a bunch of blood vials to the lab. I told him to check for everything (Syph, HIV, etc).

I've been wearing socks on my hands at Thin black cotton gloves by day...good thing its cold enough still. I'm worried about getting it on my face if the ones on my hands are herpes too. I bought some latex gloves so I can shave tonight. Gonna talk to my family doctor about the ones on my hands on Thursday. I'll ask her to refer me to a skin/std/herpes specialist too if she she was the one who told me the virus cant live outside the body...but obviously that info was wrong as this thing was spreading everywhere on my body (lower stomach and hands).

If the ones on my body have gone down shouldn't the ones on my hands too? They dont exactly look like the ones in any picture I've seen but neither were the other ones and they turned out to be real. Either herpes, some kind of wart or something else.

I told my mom last night. That was tough. I said I had herpes and possibly might have HIV. She was cool about it and said I probably dont have HIV and not to worry about it.

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