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Re: Love in a Time Of Herpes
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Love in a Time Of Herpes

Dear Christopher,

Since you are a naturopathic doctor, I want to share with you so you can think about if it makes sense and share with your patients:

Myth One) CONDOMS DO NOT BLOCK VIRUSES. Two male friends told me that Herpes Viruses are smaller than sperms, so the viruses still can get through condoms while sperms can't. I don't know if this is true but one after one of my male friends told me they saw in some internet articles to support this theory. The point is how many nanometers of virus body do the condom block?

Myth Two) ORAL SEX WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE NORMAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY. That same guy who told me myth one said if sex organ is for passing of liquid waste as well as for sex, why will the mouth be involved? The mouth is for eating mostly, and the nose is so near it to help stimulate appetite, will it meant for us to eat the sexual organ? Still remembered your instinct as a child when you knew of sex and sexual organ the first time? Kids will giggle and think about how embarrassing and dirty the sexual organ is and some girls are protected from having sex before marriage because of that basic instinct. Also, think about the smell of sperm is to protect the offspring from being consumed, why does mother nature want the mouth down there to eat what? Mothers knew babies can have ear infection easily if they do not hold the baby's head properly, so the milk from the mouth goes to the ears, and the milk goes bad and got the ears infected. The point is mouth, ears, nose all linked together, and are too important to let bacteria on the skin surface and viruses from the waste eliminating organ to infect them.

Myth Three) SEX IS NEVER MEANT TO BE OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, AND MEANT FOR ONE PARTNER ONLY TILL DEATH PUT THEM APART. Practice makes perfect, how many of us were supervisors/managers/directors, or knew how to judge people, manage people, manipulate before mastering the technique of safe sex? In average, a very good worker is promoted to management from 3 to 10 years after working in the same field. So at a young age of even 25, does the person got the managing skill to protect oneself from the manipulation, mal-practice and even abusive sexual behavior, e.g. anal sex? Also, we are all clumsy at the first few times of sex, that how can we know we wash or put the condoms in the right place to avoid even bacteria infection. SEX IS POWERFUL AFFECTIONATE WITHIN MARRIAGE, BUT DESTRUCTIVE OUTSIDE MARRIAGE. Another obvious support is where does moral come from? Why do I need to treat you nicely if there is individual basis moral concept? Survival for the fittest seemed to work if there is no moral concept.

Myth Four) THE MASTER OF THE WORLD IS SATAN. If Israel is said to be veiled from knowing Jesus Christ is the Messiah that Old Testament had predicted a messiah was to be borned in Bethlehem, children will be killed and Rachael will not be comforted, Jesus' bones will not be broken before the Sabath because He died fast, etc. Why we can't see sexuality is a satanic force? All the governments can see drunk driving, smoking, etc as destructive force, but still veiled from STD. p 0 r n o g r a p h y is in text, too. Back in my days as a child and in one country in Asia, the newspaper like to include two full pages of p 0 r n o g r a p h y in printed words with no pictures from various books which are from medieval times to modern days----just for readership. Now, in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, p 0 r n o g r a p h y can be in words only with no pictures. One smart 25 year old told me that she considered Romeo and Juliet a p 0 r n o g r a p h y that even if those people back at those days died at 46 year old, why will a 13 year old girl have sex with a guy in her own bedroom, and got married only 3 days after knowing each other. They would have been ended in divorce for getting marry only after knowing each other for 3 days. I was marvelled at that 25 year old girl. Yet the public school is still too blinded to ask 15 year old to study this book. The cinderella syndrome from print will lead to STD, broken hearts and guys don't know what to expect. As a doctor, pls heal your patients, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and if possible spiritually. Thanks.

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