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Re: Type 1 genital first OB 1 month long and counting....please help!!!
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Type 1 genital first OB 1 month long and counting....please help!!!

Sorry to hear about your pain. The first few OB's suck because your body is not used to this new threat and the immune system is weak regarding protection.

As an immediate action, I recommend making a garlic tincture ala dr. sculze's method and applying topically to genital area. It HURTS but it absolutely works.

For me it was similar. the first OB was horrible and then I seemed to have a constant outbreak for several months. On thing that can sometimes happen and actually usually happens during bad outbreaks is you develop a bacterial infection at the same time due to all of the scabbing, nastiness, etc. I have verified this twice with doctors. I had a bacterial infection in the same area of the outbreak which made healing more difficult.

Anyway, I have not had an outbreak in close to 2 years and I can tell you what has helped me tremendously. There seem to be many different triggers for different people, or at least this is what we hear.. For me and a handful of friends, herpes is all about nutrition and alkalinity and nothing else. I am not claiming that stress and other factors do not lower the immune system. This would be an ignorant statement. BUT if the body is absolutely juiced up on the nutrition side, properly hydrated, exercise and oxygenation, mostly veggie/fruit/raw diet, etc, then the immune system is SO STRONG that stress will not decrease it to a point where an outbreak can surface..

I have had a few conversations here and other places with some people who claimed that their condition was only partially related to nutrition, if at all, but when I dug in and learned a little more about them, 80% of the time it is the same case, with one of more (all?) of the following:

coffee or soda in their life
alcohol in their life (wine is especially brutal)
very little exercise, especially CARDIO
Hydration at bare minimums
no understanding of pH, alkalinity, and the badness of acidosis
way too much sugar
crap/junk/fastfood in their life.
food allergy elements in their life

for me and friends, based on extensive monitoring of our body's pH and nutritional health, IT'S ALL ABOUT NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL HEALTH!

I strongly recommend reading/researching "The Water Cure " and following the hydration rules laid out therein (with Sea Salt , etc). Also, bombard your body with alkalinizing agents and ABANDON ACIDIC AGENTS ENTIRELY. This is alcohol, SODA, cigarettes, coffee, junk food, too much meat (if any??), not exercising/breathing, chocolate and all Sugar crap. This can suck for some, but just suck it up and do it and you will live well into your 90's!
There are plenty of books on shifting your pH ("the pH miracle" I believe is one). Focus on this and make sure you breath (yoga? qigong?) and drink plenty of water.

Here is my regiment which has kept me outbreak free for 2 years+ after having a horrendous time once I contracted it DUE TO MY SUBPAR STATE OF HEALTH!

PS- i don't take valtrex or any other pharmo-dope

1) upon waking: I drink a solution in 8-12 oz of healthy water. 1 teaspoon(5000mg) of pure vitamin c crystals (ascorbic acid, NOT ascorbate) with 1/2 teaspoon of non_aluminum baking soda(sodium bicarbonate). it's an alkalinizer and buffers the acidic vitamin c so it can be properly absorbed. Here is a cool company that makes the healthy baking soda:

2) morning smoothie: 1 or 2 bananas, frozen fruit from the grocery frozen aisle: "berry medley", "mixed fruit", "peaces", or whatever you like (berries are very important though!) MIXED WITH DR. SCHULTZ "SUPERFOOD". And I usually also use one thai coconut (the babies which have white foaminess around shell). You can break this open, pour water into smoothie pitcher, and then cut out inside coco-meat and add this as well. Sometimes I also add ONE CLOVE OF GARLIC! Sounds nasty but you can;t taste it all that much, especially if you have a bunch of berries.


3) very light food, if any, until after noon. Big breakfasts are bad for the immune system because the body is still in "elimination mode" (read "fit for life" and learn of the "natural body cycles")

4) plenty of water throughout the day with Sea Salt in it following "the Water Cure " protocol.

5) 1000 mg of L-Lysine in morning and evening.

6) Healthy lunch, mostly raw veggies. Healthy dinner, mostly raw veggies.

7) I have been taking Sang Whang's "alkalife" for a few years and he just developed a new product called BICARBOLIFE which is COMPLETELY AMAZING! You can truly feel it's effect on your body as you shift into the alkaline state.

Buy the 6 pack!!


9) Learning something like Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, or something to help calm the nerves is helpful, but as stated, to me and my crew it is ALL NUTRITIONAL AND Ph RELATED. But Yoga and such things are still beautiful of course and can help tremendously along the path of learning to cope with your new disorder.

It is very frustrating having H, but once you learn how to control it through health and nutrition, you will discover that you are suddenly much healthier than you were when you contracted it! And this applies to mental health, mood, energy levels as well, since much of that is nutritionally related too.

I haven't gotten a cold or flu since I started taking the Linus Pauling vitamin C mixture conbined with "alkalife" drops. That's abotu 3 or 4 years without a cold or flu for someone who had severe asthma throughout childhood and at least one cold/flu per year for +/- 20 years (!!!!!!!)

You body is adjusting right now and the first one takes a while, but once you balance out (and it all goes away) HIT THE NUTRITIONAL SIDE HARD! And Garlic Tincture Immediately!!

Best of luck and remember, it;'s not that big of a deal. Nearly 1/4 of people have it. It's quite common and you are not alone.


Get to work!


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