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Claims to be real CURE
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Published: 16 years ago

Claims to be real CURE

I tried to email this doctor but the address is no longer available. Maybe someone could find him through a search of some sort but he claims to have a real cure, PLease please if anyone finds this doctor keep the forum updated..


Sexual Herpes has been a tough burden to bear for those individuals who have become infected by the HSV virus.

The scientific community has provided several medicines to reduce the recurrence and intensity of the symptoms but it has failed to deliver a clinical treatment to totally cure Herpes. A cure is now available. This alternative therapy has been successfully applied to hundreds of herpes infected individuals and has drastically removed all symptoms and brought about full relief.

“UNESVIDA” is a team of professionals, immunologists, physicians and entrepreneurs working together to establish the distribution and application of this therapy and to offer it worldwide.

Ramon Suarez Mendoza, MD, developed a laboratory method to prepare curative vaccines to treat a number of infectious diseases, some of which are still considered incurable.

Through the last few decades, thousands of people have been treated and cured with Dr. Suarez’s curative vaccines. Victims attacked by different viral infections, who were not cured with traditional medicine found the answer to their problems in Dr. Suarez’s curative vaccines. Schlerodermia, Arthritis, multiple kinds of allergies, are some of the diseases for which he has been able to provide a cure.

While doing his research on the behavior of the human immune system, Doctor Suarez observed the following facts:

1. There are some viruses that provoke a certain reaction from the immune system, which in due response begins releasing antibodies to fight them; however, these antibodies are incapable of totally neutralizing or eliminating the infection.

2. The reason is that these antibodies are incomplete. They destroy exclusively, that part of the virus they “see”, while the remaining part keeps on living and multiplying. Doctor Suarez found that these incomplete antibodies needed a transformation to enable them to completely and fully fulfill their important mission.

3. Subsequently, Doctor Suarez found a way to modify the virus itself, so as to make it completely “visible” to the immune system, and so that it may become entirely targeted by the human antibodies, all of which produces the total neutralization of its damaging action, in other words, the cure.

4. Since application of this method contends with inoculation of a solution prepared from the transformed virus, directly obtained from the patients themselves, and since these inoculations activate the immune system in much the same way the vaccines do, Doctor Suarez decided to name the treatment a vaccine. And since this vaccine has the quality to cure, he called it a curative vaccine.

5. We must point out that the vaccine is prepared from the patient’s own blood, with no strange drugs or agents added, therefore the vaccine is absolutely innocuous to the patient, causing no side effects. It is a totally individualized and safe treatment, that will cause no harm to the recipient.

More information

Early on his professional practice, Doctor Suarez was appointed head of the State Laboratory at the University of Morelia (Mexico), where he developed his first vaccine and also established a testing procedure that allowed for evidence of curative action. Upon the necessary approval by the National Health Department -the official authority in Mexico- he has applied his method to prepare vaccines and to successfully defeat a number of infectious diseases.

His then pioneering work has continued uninterruptedly to the present time, having built a sound prestige in the field, particularly in his exclusive production of curative vaccines.

Step 1. Contact us through EMAIL for an appointment.

Step 2. You will be booked for a clinical consultation at the earliest possible date on a tentative basis, subject only to your confirmation.

Step 3. Upon appointment, you will travel to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, bringing along your complete herpes history-record (Lab test results, etc.).

Step 4. Upon arrival our physician will examine you at scheduled consultation time, and take the necessary secretions and /or blood sampling for later preparation of individualized vaccine. No other tests will be exercised or carried out on the patient´s blood.

Step 5. You will be furnished with enough medication to start treatment right away. You may go home immediately after consultation, however you might find it interesting to prolong your stay and tour the area . Your travel agent will be only too glad to advise and help you bring back home a very gratifying experience.

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