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Juice and fruit

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Published: 17 years ago

Juice and fruit

Hey all, I just wanted to share this latest journal entry with everyone. I wrote it after someone commented to me that I should not juice fast because fruit has Sugar in it, and Sugar will only fuel my cravings. They suggested that I should not even eat fruit whole. However, 'fruit fasting' or juice fasting has helped so many people in my position-- and even though I have been backsliding, just the small bit I have been able to accomplish has helped me in so many ways! Here is the entry:

Well guys, it's been almost two weeks since I really decided to do something about my weight and food addiction. I have only lost 3 pounds, but I can tell I am no longer gaiing weight, and when I do 'cheat', it isn't with the addictive fervor that bingeing usually brings. It is more about real hunger. So, now my goal is to feed my natural hunger pangs with natural foods. I had someone recently reply to my journal, saying that Sugar in all forms, including the sugar in fruit, will only fuel my cravings. I've heard this before, usually from Food Addicts Anonymous subscribers. However, I have found that it is only when the sugar has been refined that I can't stop eating it.. and non-sweet starch foods such as pasta are really the ones I have to watch out for. Wheat is also a problem. I thank this person for reading and taking the time to help me by responding to my journal!!!! I appreciate all feedback even if I disagree with it. I feel that I am doing what works for me, since I am obviously improving! No one realistically expects perfection overnight. It has been only two weeks and I have already improved 100 percent, both mentally and physically, in terms of energy and optimism. A month ago I would be lying in bed crying and being depressed, fantasizing about cheese puffs. Now they are an occasional 'backslip' when I am feeling so stressed that I cannot correctly handle my old habits and cravings. This is the real reason I know that I am getting much better: Before, when I would eat pasta and chips and all sorts of starch in my daily binges, I would relish every mouthful. I would pile in more and more and then run to the store for more until I was so drugged up I had to fall asleep. Well, guess what! Now, when I 'try' to binge... I don't even enjoy the food. Sure, it tastes alright, but it also tastes too rich and makes my stomach feel 'dirty'... so I have been stopping when it is about half gone simply because the urge to eat it is gone. It no longer has such a grip on me. My urge to eat uncontrollable amounts is gone, and steadily diminishing with each day.. I am so happy and excited. I may not be perfect, but I will get pretty close if I keep listening to my body. I want a lifetime of control over food, free of refined carbs and wheat (also a Food Addicts Anonymous wish). I have been ingesting steadily decreasing amounts of these substances.. old habits may die hard-- but they ARE dying. I will succeed.

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