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Your children-21 century commodity
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Published: 17 years ago
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Your children-21 century commodity

Your children-21 century commodity

Over medical treatment preference, in the future, a lot of children are expect to be taken away from their parents. The articles below are an example of how parents (with children under the age of 18) are not allowed options for treating their sick family. Taking children away from parents sends a powerful message: you better comply and go with the flow, or we will take your children from you.

Doctors are allowed to keep chemotherapy shots in their office and various other types of chemotherapy treatments as well. In other words, they’ re now directly profiting from chemotherapy treatments. This is a conflict of interest! Doctors should never be able to sell treatments. They should never be able to sell drugs. PERIOD! This and other forms of treatments are a big profiting business; we should never forget this. In todays ever-growing money hungry world, I would not want my child’s fate in the hands of a Doctor who stands to gain a great deal of money based on his diagnosis. Conflict of interest!!!

I recommend that families avoid having HMO insurance coverage. This is a trap/ window for the medical establishment to turn your children into a commodity. The Doctors know the power they have over all children under the age of 18. They are working the system by passing your child around until they are dead- using your children as a sure way to pay their bills/ profit.

I also want to say that with the pharmaceutical cartel backing the doctors all the way, individually, we don’t stand a chance. With alternative health becoming more available, and as more people are turning away from mainstream medical traps, I expect our children to become their main targets. I recommend joining or supporting an organization that fights this new crime against children.

The grotesque picture of the 21st century family is one where adults use natural alternative treatments for their day to day and more serious ailments; whereas children, however, will be walking around like zombies drugged up and or on their death bed due to some terminally ill disease that they don’t really have or does not really exist. I expect the death rate for children to go sky high in the future; I expect childhood disease to increase, and I expect new strange childhood disease to merge all for the sake of profit.



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