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Re: Hair Analysis Result

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Hair Analysis Result

Before I go on to disagree with you on several points I must concur that hair analysis is not the best method to test for metals and should only serve as an adjunct piece of information. Further more, I do believe that some people can go through their lives without major symptoms arising from dental procedures (dependent on how many hits their immune system has gone through).
Whatever your views are on amalgams, I'm sure you agree with me that mercury is a very powerful toxin (or you can just agree with numerous scientific tests done on this). With that said, and knowing that Amalgams are typically made of 50% mercury and that Amalgams are handled as toxic matter before being placed in the mouth and after removal, one would have to ignore the fact that when in the mouth they are just as toxic. Numerous studies have been done (specially in Northern europe) on long term effects of amalgams, including studies showing mercury leakage from silver amalgams. Again this is all documented, but when it comes to putting one plus one together (mercury health risks + mercury in amalgams) the math doesnt seem to work for many skeptical doctors (more like they are avoiding anything that shows their wrongdoing). Fortunately, there are a few dentists that have made the jump from convetional dentistry to a more holistic approached one because of the Amalgam issue.
So with this knowledge, I doubt that if you now had a decay in a tooth and required a filling you would choose Amalgam as the best option. Unfortunately, many of us are aware of the dangers of mercury after we had several Amalgams placed in our mouths. The big question is, will removing amalgams create a bigger problem than keeping them? (not whether or not amalgams are okay to be used). To me, removing them is the better option but there are things one should be aware of prior to removal. The sucess rate (with this I mean how fast mercury is removed from the system) largely depends on the persons current health status and how many amalgams and their age; most importantly it depends on the procedure followed to remove the amalgams along with type of chelation protocol (one that is customized to the individual). So if for example, one has 23 amalgams in their mouth and they were not properly removed (Huggins protocol is the closest to being "right") and chelation wasnt properly done, it would be wrong to expect overnight results. In fact, you can expect to feel worse for a long while because you were exposed to vapor mercury many times the "upper limit" during the improper removal.
In my opinion, no filling is safe, its a matter of picking the lesser evil.
Onto the root canals;
Like the Amalgam issue, studies have been done showing links between degenerative diseases and root canals; in my opinion, its not whether or not root canals are a major source of disease, its whether or not your your immune system can cope with it. Good teeth would be the last thing I would call root canaled teeth as they are absolutely dead and no longer a part of your body. They are simply necrotic tissue; do you know what happens in dead tissue? That's right, it starts decaying by naturally occurring bacteria and other organisms (critical process in nature otherwise there would be no organic recycling). Now, if you cut your blood flow to your hand for a long period of time and let it rot for a few days without cutting the dead tissue from yourself do you expect to live through it? Your poor immune system would soon become overpowered with toxins emmanating from the dead site and you would succumb with infection.
Conventional dentists make the wrong assumption that they can seal the dead tooth in a way that bacteria cannot enter or exit; not only are bacteria already in the miles of tubules before sealing but also materials degrade with time, which allows quicker transition of toxins to your body. To make matters worst, bacteria will adjust to the lack of oxygen (no blood flow) and create very powerful toxins (their waste matter).
I knew I made the right decision by having two root canaled teeth removed when a very strong odor (like rotting tissue) came off with the tooth and when I saw a large cyst in one of the roots.
One thing is to read about it, and the other is to experience yourself.
There are many testimonials claiming numerous benefits from amalgams and root canal removal, but they are also some where no change was seen (or their health further decayed); every individual is different and that includes dentists and how they operate, so you have to expect to have a unique experience if you choose to go through this type of work.


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