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Worshippers of Hell/Satan vs. Worshippers of Heaven/God
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Published: 19 years ago

Worshippers of Hell/Satan vs. Worshippers of Heaven/God

IN many churches of the land a strange phenomena occurs. This phenomena is a church that has it's faith built on the fear of Hell and the fear of Satan.
I don't think I need to point out to you the problems with this, but I will. First, a church that is fixated on demons and Atan, is a church that has very little faityh in Jesus. They may CLAIM to have faith and beleive in Jesus, but they don't. If they had faith, they might be cautious of the traps and snares of Satan, but they would not be reduced to a superstitious fear, looking for demons in everything that moves and breathes. Honest to God, I don't kow if these people go to the point of turning over staones to see if Satan or his thugs are there.
Second, if you confess your sins because your fear of Hell, I would say that is false. God does not terrorize people so that trhey will obey Their will. The fact of the matter is the ONLY CONFESSION THAT IS VIALID is one based on a couple factors 1) an honest sorrow for their evil deeds, 2) a realization that God loves them and 3) a desire to try to grow closer to God, out of a heart filled with love. Hellfire sermons WILL get you converts, but they won't be the kind you or for that matter, God wants.
A true worship and faith in Jesus is a confident one that our Master is MORE than abale to kick and spirit, forces or powers butt! Listen, when you have Parents like God, their is NOT going to be any power in this universe that could even come close and get you. It is just impossible. No demon from the darkest Hell in existensce can lay a hand on God's children. Oh, they may irritate you or try to control you, but the blood of Christ cancels out the Demiurge and his Archons power over a beleiver.

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