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Re: Malabsorbtion & Inflamation caused by Chelation
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Malabsorbtion & Inflamation caused by Chelation


I think I might be able to explain what is causing your problems.

EDTA and DMPS are designed to chelate out heavy metals, but they can also chelate out minerals from your body. Without putting back the good minerals that were also chelated out, you can cause a lot of problems. You are probably very mineral deficient right now. Dizziness, weight loss, arthritis, these are all signs of minerals deficiencies.

I've read many books that really stressed the importance of putting back the good minerals when chelating, and I'm always so suprised when I hear of doctors using chelation drugs without doing this, especially when their doing it so often.

This is what I suggest you do:

Go to the askmoreless forum and start asking questions about how to reminerlize. He can give you excellent advice.

Start eating an all raw diet, or as much raw foods as you can, especially vegetables, and green juices if you tolerate them(I only say this because I don't do well with a lot of juices)This be the foundation for getting remineralized. After a few months of eating an all raw diet I have notice that I can go much longer in between my meals, and can even not eat all day and not be uncomfortable; this is a sign of adequate mineralization.

Another thing that you can do is take mineral supplements. The most effective and easily absorbed minerals that I know of are angstrom minerals. I get mine from They can be expensive but they have been really helpful with my insomnia. They work instantly.

For arthritis, something that I've read can be very helpful, is apple cider vinegar. This provides much needed pottasium to the body. 1-2 tsps 3 times a day in a glass of water is enough, you can take more if you like.

What ever you do, do not fast! This will deplete the body of minerals if you don't have enough, and will cause worse problems than before. That means no MC! Trust me, it would not be good for your condition.

How many meals are you eating a day? You should be having one BM for every meal you eat. In order to gain perfect health and heal your digestive system, you need to do all the cleanses suggested here on curezone. These are the colon, liver, kidney, and parasite cleanse. Start with the Colon Cleanse and the procede to the liver flushes. These will also help your body to properly assimilate the nutrients from your food, a healthy liver can also biologically transmutate one mineral to another depending on what is needed by the body. Click on cleanses at the top of the homepage for more info.

Drink good water. I prefer bottle FIJI spring water, but you can also use restructured distilled water. You can do this by setting it in the sun, adding a pinch of Sea Salt to the water, putting in a squirt of lemon or a blade of glass, or using quartz crystals in a pitcher. However, I have read that distilled water can depleat your body of minerals. But a lot of people on this forum recommend it, so you'll need to decide for yourself what is best.

Get lot of good sunshine! 30 minutes a day is enough, cover as much of your body as you can.

You can also try drinking some herbal teas that contain a lot of minerals. Dandelion, peppermint, ginger, pau d' arco, and elderberry are all good ones.

Go to Invicible's Alkalizing My Way To Perfect Health blog, she has some great articles on how to remineralize yourself, per the teachings of Moreless.

Make sure you are eating one good green salad a day.

Drink sole. This is a crystal salt water solution that contains all the minerals and energy frequencies needed by your body. You can get the book Water & Salt: the essence of life to read all about it.

Swim in the ocean if you can, as often as you can.

Take mineral baths made from Sea Salt .

That's about all I can think of. I'm sure someone else can recommend some other things.

Good Luck!

Love, Mary


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