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Re: Nothing..
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Nothing..

I don't know if I believe there is a reason for everything. For something to be a truth it has to apply to all things. For me this does not apply to all things. I don't see why there is a reason that a woman in Saudi Arabia was abused her whole life, raped by her cousin, and then stoned to death by her male relatives because she 'disgraced' the family. What is the reason for that? I've read all of Andreas' spiritual books, but again it just doesn't seem to apply to everything. There is so much, just so much evil in the world going on right now that most people are not aware of. Why did our military spray depleated uranium and agent orange all over other people's land in the Gulf War, causing thousands upon thousands of people to lose their lives, while others spent their lives with horrible diseases,and birthed horribly difigured and diseased babies, poisoning the world for eternity.

Former President Bush was convicted of war crimes for this in a foreign country and yet his son is now our president. Watch the movie Loose Change at and please tell me the reason for this. What is the reason for all of this evil, please tell me because I do not see it. Life is wonderful because we live in America(and some in the UK and other European countries)where our problems are very small, so small that we have the luxury of getting valuable lessons out of our problems, so it's very easy to believe that there is a greater purpose for our easy lives. We live in the greatest place on earth and are brainwashed by the government who controls the media who bestows us, the people, with compliments of how great we are and misinformation, so that we will live in a state of extreme unawareness and total denial of what's really going on. For most of the world life is awful, filled with evil. If you watched some of the videos about how our government is poisoning the earth by dumping heavy metals and other toxins out of airplanes and into the atmosphere, causing disease in the people in the surrounding areas, I think you would have a hard time believing that there is a reason for all of this too. Or the one about how the government is making a plan to, in 2025, own the weather and be able to control everything that goes on with the weather.

I am a very spiritual person and I would love to believe that there is a greater good in all of this. I am very open to anyone who can give a logical reason why all this happens, but so far I haven't heard one yet. Health challenges are the least of worries when you are really aware of what's actually going on in the world, I think that for the people who learn the truth about healing, their health challenges does give them a great learning experience and it's very easy to believe that there is a reason for everything. We have the luxury to learn valuable lessons and just sit back and be able to watch life unfold, because that's what are government wants us to do. They want to control us, they don't want us to be aware of what's really going on because then we would be horrified and would fight back before nature is destroyed for good by the people in power who do not care about it. All the horrors that continue to happen right now, I just do not see a purpose.

I believe that we were created by a god who gave us life on earth and is letting us do with it what we will. I believe that we have a higher self connected with god and that we have the power to create changes, but in order for our power to be effective on the larger scale we have to combine our powers together, but so far we are simply too unaware of what is going on most of us feel no need to try to and change what's going on. And even if we do know we also don't believe we can make a difference and prefer to live in denial because it's much easier. I believe that every energy you put out there to make this world a better place can make a difference, but there are not enough people who are giving their energy. I think as Americans it is our job to educate ourselves on what the people in power are really doing so that we can change it. What is happening right now has to change and Americans are the ones with most of the power in this world.

I think if we spend our lives thinking that everything happens for a reason and it will all turn out alright, we are just letting oursleves be bainwashed and are actually living in denial, doing exactly what the government wants us to do, not fighting them and letting them do what they please, effectively destroying the enviroment. I believe we should all be making an effort to bring about a change, and I do think that most of the people on CZ are. But if you have not educated yourself on some of these hidden issues please go to and also view the documentary loose change at

I hope I'm not being insulting but I really wanted to share my opinion and see what other people thought about it. What do you think about all this? Do you believe that you can see a purpose? Are you aware of all the horrific things our government is doing and are you actively doing something to help fight and change this? Thank you so much!


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