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Re: Is this panic/anxiety attack? BROMINE-Toxic Link in Mountain Dew,Gatoraid,AMP Energy Drink!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Is this panic/anxiety attack? BROMINE-Toxic Link in Mountain Dew,Gatoraid,AMP Energy Drink!

Dear 66524, I may have the answer for one part of your problem. You must stop drinking Mountain Dew! If you look at the ingredients on the side of the bottle you will see it contains "Brominated vegetable oil". Bromine is part of a class of elements know as halogens. It is very dangerious to your health and I will tell you why. Bromine intoxication has been shown to cause delirium, psychomotor retardation, schizophrenia, and hallucination. People who ingest enough bromine by drinking Mountain Dew feel dull and apathetic and have difficulty concentrating. Bromine can also cause severe depression, headaches, and irritability. Bromine or its reduced form bromide is used as an antibacterial agent of pools and hot tubs. It is still used as a fumigant for agriculture. Bromide is used as a fumigant for termites and pest. Toxicity of bromine has been reported from drinking carbonated drinks like Mountain Dew, AMP Energy Drinks, and believe it or not from some Gatorade products. Just think of the millions of athletic people that think Gatorade is good for them! Bromine can be found in many over the counter medications. It is still used today in many prescriiption medications. Bromine intake can adversely affect the accumulation of Iodide in the thyroid and skin. Bromine can result in the elimination of Iodide from the thyroid and being replaced by bromine therefore it will cause hypothyroidism. I could go on but you should know that bromine in the mountain dew is causing 99% of you social behavior problems. I met a man recently who came out to my house to fix my air conditoner. He was very nervous, forgetful, running around very unorganized in his work skills. I asked him why he seemed so nervous and was there something wrong? He said nothing is wrong why? I said man you look very nervous and agitated. It just so happen I went out to his truck with him and saw he had a bottle of Mountain Dew in the seat. I asked how long had he been drinking Mountain Dew and he said he had one for breakfast every morning. I told him what I just told you and he looked at the ingredients on the side of the bottle and he got a shocked looked on his face. He new something was not right with him. He poured the drink on the ground right in front of me and said he would never take another drink. He called me back in a week and told me he had changed to a different person in his thought patterns were clear again and thanked me. So stop drinking Mountain Dew, Gatoraid, and those Amp energy drinks and you should be fine! Tell everyone you know not to drink those drinks or any carbonated drinks if they want to secure their health. I am glad you mentioned mountain dew in your post or we may not have been able to help you. Let me know how is goes for you in the weeks to come as you start feeling better once you get off Mountain Dew! Jm


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