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Re: amalgam should be replaced with what?

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some LCDs subtlyharm Views: 5,262
Published: 13 years ago
This is a reply to # 35,824

Re: amalgam should be replaced with what?

Hi, in response to yours, just letting you know that I just switched pen names from Maidenn to:
some LCDs subtlyharm

The reason for that, is that I didn't realize that CureZone denies access to people who post the same message across various boards. And they don't even provide a way for banned people to contact them & explain.

I was disabled from responding to you, as well.

See, I had urgently wished to warn people that CRT/LCD exposure has been a worse issue for me than dental mercury (and still is). I.E. I endured the gauntlet of Amalgam replacement of 17 fillings, then oral chelation, foot patches, clay, you name it.

But my problems still exist as long as I haven't yet acquired a flurescent free LCD (it's not true that all LCDs are problem free. Some are horrible, and because it's unregulated, it's like Russian Roulette.

My story is available on below site. Believe me, I'm not in a vacuum - many other people are in the same boat, as you can see from the links & guestbook. In fact, radiation triggers tooth pain as well as headache, body pain, bleeding urinary tract infections, sinus infection, nosebleeds (Shetreet VS. Sharp Corp.), and much more. It speeds things up.

For example, Breast Cancer doesn't even run in my family, yet I recently underwent a biopsy due to microcalcifications appearing on mammogram. I know for a fact that was *directly* correlated to LCD/CRT fluresence. Because I *feel* it - correlating to those times that I'm on the computer.

The doctors in our socialized medical system are absolutely wicked. Never mind that so many people are being diagnosed with cancer nowadays. They refuse to believe what they don't see. Who knows what motivates them. I stressed the computer fluresence issue to my biopsy-surgeon, yet he point blank told me he doesn't believe it. Another reason the dense numbskulls don't believe it is because not everyone experiences it (either because they're not neurally compromised, or else because they lucked out by just happening to get one of the less lethal LCDs that are out there - it's a totally unregulated field.

So, how do I go about warning people about this terrible issue, if CureZone doesn't allow cross-postings? Any solutions? I can't understand why they themselves aren't addressing it as THE TOP issue.
Above mercury. Above liver detox. Above parasites/candida.
What a joke - I believed all of them when they:
either told me I have urinary tract infection, or:
parasites, or:
require liver detox
When after all was said & done, I finally became aware that ALL ALONG it had been my computer monitors that had been causing the action to take place within me.
YET NONE OF THEM TOLD ME THAT!! I'm beyond crying - do I have any tears left?

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