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Re: Nils............
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Nils............

Hey Nils...That website...and I guess that a perfect example of
a hypocrite and a fuss budget in the pulpit...and the main reason so many people
back away from church today.

Now as you read this...keep in mind...I'm the 59 year old daughter of a very well
known Baptist preacher. I wholeheartedly believe in being in church every single
time the door is open. And for me...I'm there a half dozen times a week...BESIDES church times....because I have so many 'jobs'...VOLUNTEER...NON PAYING JOBS :-)

George Malkmus...the founder of Hallelujah Acres...was himself a baptist preacher
when he came down with what he said was colon cancer in the 1990's. So that's
why he speaks of God and the bible so much in his book..."God's Way To Ultimate Health". I have the book...and it is about my all time favorite book...and well
WELL worth the $18.00. It is just crammed with good articles on natural healing
thru diet and lifestyle...and has over 300 testimonials...many with pictures ... of people who have turned around their health...(many with terminal illnesses)...with
this program.

If a person with any disease still well enough and strong enough
to prepare and follow the Hallelujah Acres Program...I feel they would see great
improvement...and very possibly a total turn around in their health.

I may just email that old preacher when I have time...and give him a piece of
my mind. What NERVE!!! You know what HIS problem is???? He's a preacher and doesn't want anyone taking away his fried chicken and french fries. :-)

Nils...have you ever heard of the Gerson Therapy...or Bernard Jensen ...and didn't you say you had one book by N W Walker??? These guys were the real authorities on
health and natural healing...and they promoted a lifestyle and diet as close to
nature as a person could get. That's what the Hallelujah Acres program promotes...just getting all the additives out of your diet...and taking in only
healing foods. Now they do say you should stick to this for life...but that isn't
very feasible for most people...but it would be a good half to a 50/50 program. :-)

What do you think your great grandparents ate on a regular...daily basis? They
probably ate eggs for breakfast...along with sausage or bacon...toast with a pile
of butter...gravy and grits on the side.....THEN for lunch...they probably had
a full course meal...and another one for supper...topping at least the supper meal
off with a big bowl of ice cream and homemade chocolate cake. The full course
meals probably consisted of fried chicken...or pork chops...fried potatoes...fried
corn...skillet fried corn get the picture...don't you? And do you
know WHY they could have all that and didn't have the cancer, etc we do today? Well, it's very simple....they raised their own the chicken MEAT and
the eggs were 'organic' :-) they slaughtered their hogs for the bacon and made
their own 'organic' sausage...with no bad additives :-) Granny made her own bread
and milked the cow for the milk and cream...and took the cream and made their additives. The chicken or pork chops came from their barnyard...their own chickens and hogs...they grew their potatos and veggies...
there were no harmful additives in ANYTHING. can't buy squat without
harmful additives that all accumulate in our bodies to give us terminal I don't give a rats patute what that website said...the Hallelujah Acres Program WORKS for most everyone who tries it...BECAUSE it gets all
the additives out of our food and eventually...through the cleansing process of
the natural foods and gets the toxins out of our bodies.

Go back to the Hallelujah Acres website and click on testimonials...and just wait
till you get that magazine in the mail...I hope you call just won't
believe the testimonials...and some in there even give email addresses or phone
numbers so you can call them.(the people in the testimonials)

We have friends here in town...the couple went to Hallelujah Acres last June...
because the wife just wasn't well in general...and the husband had Arthritis so
bad his fingers were so crooked he thought he may have to shut down his life long
family owned business. They said when they arrived...there was another man brought
in on a stretcher. Now they went to one of the 'retreats' that I told you about...
where several couples or individuals go for a weeks training. They said the man
on the stretcher was like a vegetable...but when they left...just 7 days later...
he walked out on his own. AND our friends hands...his fingers are as straight as
mine...his knuckles on his 2 middle fingers are still slightly swelled. I've SEEN
with my own eyes...the miracles the hallelujah program brings anyone
trying to cut it down to wasting their time and mine.

If you're going to wimp out and the first sign of a 'backlash'...natural healing
is NOT for you. Now stiffen that back bone and get back over to the H Acres website
and do some reading on the testimonials. And PLEASE...get back to me after you get
the magazine. I'm on YOUR side, kiddo...I'm 'trying' to help you! kathryn

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