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Support to find a Cure
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Published: 17 years ago

Support to find a Cure

Hello - We need support to the correct person so I want to info everybody WE DO have a scientist at OSU and He NEED donations to find a Cure. Please don't go to because of the following -

Here is my spin on everything with MRF ( I have been following it for 18 months now with the help of an inside person of MRF. So I heard it ALLLLLL. MRF was a nothing but a website on the internet - then Holman and Casey found the website per a news station in california. Holman dives in to MRF because he wants a cure!! Mary asks Holman to be Chairman of Board - Holman RUNS with it - "trying" to get the news out about MRF, funding, research scientist, and making MRF right with the IRS (which he assisted in filing all papers to make it a legal non-profit). But one little thing keeps blocking Holman - Mr. Idiot Cowles because with my research into Mr. Cowles " I " don't think he is a media guy - just wants to be. Plus he doesn't even have Morgellons or anybody in his family has it. Ok so Holman and Casey start getting word out with the help of Ginger in Austin then EVERYTHING snow balls with media. Rut row Cowles don't know what the hell to do. So he does nothing really but try to look good on camera. So with all the media stuff I have watched, read, etc - it always has the same three people - Casey, Holman and Wymore. DUH doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it was HOLMAN and not Cowles.

In the back ground Casey is running support emails, lining up nurses, getting thousands of dollars in donations to MRF while her own fight of morgellons. About this time is when Wymore was snooping around the internet and found Holman's Diary at Now they had the scientist - WOOHOO. Everybody do you see it? HOLMAN AGAIN!!!

Ok from my research into Mr. Holman he looks to be a VERY business type of fellow. Honest, a straight shooter and working for all members that has morgellons. Well - since he looks to be one smart cookie - he wanted MRF to go by the book on EVERYTHING - but rut row again ML is losing control of "poor me" because now MRF has out grown her story and BECAME MANY - which was totally awesome to see others come together to help each other. So how does ML handle it? Mary Keeps "resigning" from MRF - lost track of how many emails she sent on her resigning. I would say "she wakes up to a new day - but really she wakes up to a new planet" because, the next day or week she was back at work. Which is weird but anyway.

So were was I? Ok so now they have an awesome board, medical staff, etc. Well - here is were the fun began or the start of it. OSU set up a news piece, mean while Casey/Holman have pulled in thousands of dollars in donations, well here is the million dollar question for ya - who needed to have "their" plane ticket purchased by the MRF? COWLES!! So ML pays something like $1,400 for a stupid plane ticket. Ok what a slap in the people that donated to MRF to know the donation went to a frig'n plane ticket for cowles!!! when everybody else that went to OSU paid their own way!!!! so Cowles is not a volunteer or supporter of morgellons - he wants money which brings me to my next info - ML made a deal with Cowles that MRF would pay him when they started getting donation - RUT ROW ML DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY until Cowles wanted another $2,000 for expiences. Wow in less then 6 months or about Cowles has gotten $3,400 of donation money. Well half the Board members were so ticked off about this - that was the nail in the coffin for many at MRF.
These are the High lights of some things that has happened but the ONE thing that has always been the push - Holman chap. So were did everybody go from MRF? Go back to were it all begain:

MRF will always be around - will they go anywhere now that the true workings that had the "heart" of all people that has Morgellons have gone? Probably not to fast anymore - because everybody needs to stop focusing on the 'soap opera' and start supporting OSU - lets get the donations to the true research so we can find a cure ASAP. We can all support each other - good days and bad with the true believers that has morgellons at cherokeechas!!!!

Lets get OSU Dr. Wymore what he needs FUNDS!!



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