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Oil on fire (Pottenger's Cats Study, nutrition and homosexuality)
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Published: 17 years ago

Oil on fire (Pottenger's Cats Study, nutrition and homosexuality)

I thought I will help to Superhero a little.

Further down you can find more details about Pottenger's Cats study.
Book is here: //

Pottenger's Cats study demonstrated that when cats are fed unnatural diet, homosexuality is observed between cats in the next generations. (this is very important part, in the next generations! Not in the same generation. "The sin" was not affecting the sexuality of the same generation, it was descending on children/ grandchildren/ great-grandchildren.)

What does this mean? It only explains that diet is a factor in producing homosexual cats (and people). There are also other factors, cause not all cats became homosexual (and not all people turn homosexual).

Does that mean that a good diet could "cure" a homosexual person and make him into heterosexual?

No, cause it was the diet in previous generations (grandparents and parents) that changed present generation of cats, not the diet in present generation.

Does that mean that a good diet could "prevent" production of homosexual people (or cats)? To some degree yes. But, nothing is absolute, so, even with the most perfect diet, some people (or cats) will be born homosexual.

Does that mean that a homosexual person is responsible for being a homosexual?

No, not any more then you are responsible for being hetero!

Not any more a child is responsible for his father raping his mother (see abortion forum).

Homosexuality is natural. God created homosexuals jut like god created all the rest.

It is one of the possibilities, It existed forever, and it could happen to anyone, but chances for it happening are higher if the diet of ancestors was inadequate.

Chances for it happening are higher if mother has many kids. The more kids mother have, the higher chances kids turn homosexual. (again, possible link to malnutrition)

Male dolphins show signs of homosexuality on the most natural diet.
Chimps are also homosexual on the most natural diet.

Sexuality is a spectrum, and a person can fall in any part of that spectrum.
There are those who are attracted only to the same sex, those attracted to both sexes, and those attracted only to the opposite sex.

Majority is attracted only to the opposite sex. That is genetic inheritance, it helps reproduction, and chances are much higher that that group will pass genes further.

Look at sex (gender). You can be male. You can be female. You can be a genetic female with male organs. You can be a genetic male with female organs. You can be genetically somewhere in the middle, and there will not be possible way to determine if you are male or female.

Human gender is a spectrum.

You can fall in any part of the spectrum. You can be born with extra huge sexual organs, or you can be born with microscopic sexual organs.

Just like colors. Colors are also a spectrum.

There is white. There is Black, and there are infinite number of shades of gray in between. Plus, there is red, blue and yellow and infinite number of combinations.

Analogy to colors:

Superhero and "Christians" think about homosexuality as about "dirty" white or "dirty" black. "Bad white" and "bad black".

In their "black/white" gender world, there are only 2 true colors, 2 opposite extreme genders, "the black" and "the white". (representing 2 main genders: Hetero male and Hetero female).

All the others (homos and bisexuals) are just "dirty white" or "dirty black", are sick, sinners, and should not be allowed to love each other, should not be allowed to marry each other, should not be allowed to have kids (cause, of course, they are going to abuse them).

That brings some psychology: "We see the world like we are; not the way it is."

A question for "Christians": "Are you people abusing your kids?" (sarcasm) It looks to me you see the world like you are.

The magnitude of attraction between different people is not constant. It is also a spectrum. There are heterosexual people who are far more attracted to opposite sex then the others. It is a spectrum. There are many shades of gray.

Finally, The Pottenger's Cats Study

Dr. Pottenger's experiments involved cats kept in pens, which were fed strictly controlled diets. The control group was fed a diet consisting of two thirds raw meat scraps, one-third raw milk. Another group was fed raw milk, but the meat scraps were cooked. Three groups were fed raw meat scraps, but cooked milk of some type rather than raw; one group received pasteurized milk, another evaporated milk and a third sweetened condensed milk.

The cats fed raw meat and milk thrived generation after generation, and were strikingly uniform in size and skeletal development for each sex. A broad face with wide dental arches and no crowding of teeth was the rule. There was little shedding of fur, and the fur was uniform with a good sheen. The animals were friendly, even-tempered and well-coordinated. Miscarriages were rare. They were resistant to infection, fleas and parasites.

In contrast, all the groups fed cooked food of one sort or another failed to thrive. The most severe deterioration was found in the cats fed sweetened condensed milk (evaporated milk with sugar). These cats became extremely irritable and nervous and developed heavy fat deposits and marked skeletal deformities. Cats fed pasteurized milk or cooked meat showed less severe signs of degeneration, but the degeneration was still serious. The problems also became worse with each generation. Common disorders included vision problems, infections of internal organs and bones, arthritis, heart problems, under activity of the thyroid gland, inflammation of the joints and the nervous system, skin lesions, allergies, intestinal parasites and vermin, loss of coordination, pneumonia and diarrhea.

The personality of the cats also changed. Females fed cooked meat often became irritable and aggressive, while their male counterparts often became docile and unassertive. The males often lost interest in females, developing an interest in other males instead. There was also abnormal sexual activity between females.

Reproductive problems developed among those cats fed cooked foods. Miscarriage rates were high; twenty-five percent for the first generation on the cooked food diet, seventy percent for the second generation. Many cats had difficult deliveries and many died in labor. Many of the kittens were born dead or too frail to nurse. What was most alarming is that no offspring were ever born to the third generation of cats fed the cooked foods. Third generation cats died before reaching six months of age.7

It is interesting (and important) to note that Dr. Pottenger found the same health problems developing in his cooked-food cats that Dr. Price found in people eating refined foods. These included narrowing of the dental arches with attendant crowding of teeth, under bites, overbites and protruding and crooked teeth.

Dr. Price also noted that primitive peoples abandoning their traditional diet developed disease patterns, reproductive problems and behavioral problems, just like the cats in Pottenger's study.

It doesn't take a college education to see that the health problems developed by Pottenger's cats are rampant in modern civilization. Of course, Dr. Pottenger didn't use Antibiotics , vaccines, surgeries, etc. to try to keep his cats alive. But then, again, Dr. Price's work suggests that the only reason we need these modern medical "miracles" is because we have abandoned the diet which kept the so-called primitive man in good health.

Most of us, for example, accept tooth decay as a natural and inevitable process, which can only be halted by regularly brushing, flossing and cleaning the teeth. We also routinely submit to orthodontia work and wisdom teeth extraction. However, the "primitive" people Dr. Price studied never brushed their teeth and yet they hardly had any cavities! Also, their wisdom teeth never impacted and they had a perfect bite without braces. Dr. Price felt that all these dental problems were acquired diseases due to poor nutrition.

But, tooth decay is just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Price regarded dental problems as just one of the signs of physical deterioration. The work of Price and Pottenger suggests that infectious diseases, parasites, arthritis, allergies, heart disease, cancer and so forth also result from poor diet.

Furthermore, their work suggests that nutritional deficiency also contributes to moral decay such as sexual deviations like homosexuality, criminal behavior, irritability, aggressiveness and other mental and emotional problems.
It also indicates that the ability to have children naturally, without medical intervention, declines with malnutrition and that infertility, miscarriage and still birth become more and more commonplace the longer a population is kept on a deficient diet.


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