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Tobi's earlier post, reposted by Rokybird. I hope you can get your amalgams out soon Tobi. I am sure you will feel a lot better when you do.

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Published: 18 years ago
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Tobi's earlier post, reposted by Rokybird. I hope you can get your amalgams out soon Tobi. I am sure you will feel a lot better when you do.

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Subject: Re: Heavy metal breathing
From: tobi888 | All tobi888's Messages |
Date: 8/7/2004 7:23:00 PM ( 3 mon ago )

Well I was thinking that you may have trouble finding a toothpaste but I didn't make a recommendation on purpose. You can try Tom's Toothpaste, prob the most famous no fluorinated toothpaste. But I am not 100% sure it is as advertised., so I did’t recommend it. This is what I use. Seems ok. Trick is, just don't brush your amalgams. Brush your teeth. That will only help you.

1) keep your teeth healthy
2) remove chemicals that can react with the Amalgam stew
3) clean your mouth of mercury and who knows what. Brush your tongue too. That thing can accumulate a lot of things. I am thinking about diluted mercury in saliva. Who knows.

Besides, it just feels nasty to not brush in the morning. Tom's has a real bad after taste if you don't brush every day. I think its the calcium stuff they put in it. Not sure. But its ok. If you don't rub your Amalgams it can only help you in my opinion.

If you can't find Tom's, try baking soda. Baking soda is actually 100% healthy. The only downside I know is that it tastes awful!! haha. I might start using this after I have my Amalgams out. Have some friends that been using this for years and have A+ teeth. Very white and no cavities at all. You can eat an entire box of baking soda and not have any problems at all. On the other hand, children have died from eating an entire tube of toothpaste. There is enough Fluoride in it to kill a child. Make sure you brush. You don't need any more fillings.

I had Amalgams for about 8 years. about 2 years after having them in, I started getting really sick. had trouble walking. I was ashamed of it so I kept it to myself. I don't mean I couldn't walk, I mean I had to concentrate on every step. Had no idea why this was happening to me. My memory was fine. I was an A+ student and used to memorize 3 chapters a day in two readings. My teachers always used to inquire about my study methods. Used to get perfect on every test. Fact is I was a lazy *%#&¤?§* . Never did my homework or even took the ooks home till the day before the test. Then I would do all the reading in one night. I remember doing 3 months of calculus homework in one night and getting perfect on the test while the class avg was 65%. I wasn’t smarter than the rest, just had an outstanding memory.

When I got into university, that is about the time chronic fatigue set in. I got in on a scholarship. But by that time I was really getting sick. I had to sleep 15+ hours. Felt dead the rest of the day. Never really felt awake anymore. it was like I was always in a dream. So my life was getting real messed up. naturally when everything is going bad, Depression sets in. Lost the scholarship. Oh well, still finished with two majors.

About 6 years into the amalgams, my nervous system got better. The walking trouble went away. I figure now that most of the mercury must have past its course by that time. But then the memory problems started. Real humiliating. Couldn't remember the name of my friends that I hung out with. Had trouble expressing myself. Always loosing words and track of what I wanted to say. Stuff I wanted to do. Especially I had trouble loosing words and names. Had to think real hard and then a few minutes later I’d remember. Very scary. Very humiliating.

Then a friend of mine told me about the mercury scam. At first I didn't believe it. But for some reason I decided to check it out. This was 6 months ago, roughly. It is only now that I connected all the events. I now can pretty much reason that I was suffering from neurological symptoms early from the fresh mercury. And now I am suffering obviously what can be called early Alzheimer’s from the years of accumulated mercury in my brain. You only use about 10 to 20% of your brain, or so the “experts” claim. They say, that your neurological pathways can change and rewire your entire life. So it takes a lot of mercury to cause brain damage. No, you don’t grow new brain cells, its just that the pathways can be re-formed. You can make new memory associations. Provided you stop further damage. This is all self diagnosis of course.

I been reading a lot about dotox, scientific literature. So I am 100% sure my diagnosis is based on pure science… 100's of published studies. I am not sure how much you researched but it seems having the mercury out, and the right way at that, will give you a total rebound of energy within a year. The memory problem will improve too but not for everyone. At least it won't cause further damage.

The two key things to recovery are;
1) having the mercury taken out the RIGHT WAY. If you do it the wrong way you will get much much sicker! You will not recover guaranteed. I am basic this on database info of success rates.
2) placing the right filling in your mouth.

Basically I am stuck on finding the right filling. If I put a filling with aluminum I am sure that in no time at all I will develop full blown Alzheimer’s. Aluminum will increase the toxicity of the mercury in your body by 50 times. Right now you have mercury attached to brain neurons. You can't get this mercury out using any detox on the market. In time, with certain methods maybe you can, but that is not shown by any study. It can only be shown that certain “supplements”, like L-methionine can stop mercury from entering the brain. This doesn’t mean it can get it out.

By getting a composite (white) filling that has aluminum, you are making this mercury 50 times more reactive. And guess what, mercury does not die, dissapear, nor does it leave your brain. When it has killed all the neurons it is attached to, it will be free and hence will bind to other neurons in the brain starting the cycle all over. This is what causes the brain wholes or dead tissue regions in peoples with Alzheimer’s.

So I am hell bent on finding the right filling.

As for detox. I don't have much faith in that. Give me the Science and save the bull. It works? Show me how. If you can't explain it, show me the proof it does more good than bad.

--DMPS,DMSA - stay the hell away from these 2. They can attach to mercury but they can't get it out of your body. 99%+ of the mercury that they attach to get redistributed within your body. You only get out a very minimal amount in stool and almost nothing via urine.
--Cholera - if you grow your own. Could be great if you take very little each day. Otherwise almost all of it is contaminated with mercury.
--Vit C. helps they say... no science. But it does a lot of great things that we know is true. So that is something good.
--Footpads...sound silly, but I haven't looked into them.

I don't want to get too into this now. Basically there is nothing that really works. Some things can help. When the times comes, I'll know what works best for me.

That little test, was the first thing that gave me any real hope. I started doing that stuff cause I was in phase of delirium. Like I said, it only lasted a few days and I didn't expect anything from it. I planned on doing that stuff until I had my fillings removed. it was just too much work.

Anyway, I woke up on the 3rd day so incredibly refreshed I couldn't believe it. Normally wake up as tired as when I went to bed, if not worse. I feel like my heart is going to stop.

But no, I felt sooo good. Just like the other guy in the forum. I felt a huge energy/adrenaline rush, my mind clear like it hasn't been for year. Like a fog lifted. The point is, that I suddenly had real hope, for the first time. If doing something that basic can make such a HUGE difference, even with the mercury still in my mouth, I must be one of the 89% of people that can recover after Amalgam removal following the Huggins protocol. You never know the truth by reading stuff on the net. So I had my doubts about the those stats. Not anymore with regards to fatigue. Now someone who is not afflicted, a doctor reading this would no doubt say it must be psychosocial. I considered that possibility as well. I am mean... that is certainly logical. 3 days work make such a change///.

So I started researching how mercury makes you tired and I found some great literature o the matter. The biological pathways of how this comes about are well documented to my surprise. Mercury inhibits certain chemicals needed for energy production and it also inhibits the production of certain other chemicals. Sorry, I am having trouble remembering the scientific names of the substances in question. I have it all saved. Anyway, the point is that these substances are made daily 24/7. Their inhibition or lack of can cause massive energy fluctuations.

The accumulated mercury, unless your chelating does not play a crucial factor because it is not free to inhibit these pathways. The mercury is already deeply attached within cells, namely fat cells, heart cells, and brain. This great reduction of available free floating mercury the blood will make sure that these pathways are not inhibited. Your reward is instant energy. You do not have to wait months or year. This is very scientific. It also explains logically why 89% of the people report having their energy levels back to normal after Amalgam removal.

So now I am hell bent on finding the right replacement filling. I think my body can take care of the rest.

I'll do a chelating program that I think is going to work for me based o my readings. if it doesn’t work I’ll adopt it. I estimate by the amount of mercury that can be removed using scientifically verifiable methods of chelation, that it will take a good 10 years to get rid of most of it. The whole point is that chelation is something that is more of a hype. it is very slow and you'll never get rid of all of the mercury.

On the other hand choosing the wrong filling will leave you with something that leeches arsenic, aluminum and petrochemical that cause cancer. On a scale of 1 to 100 that would be like
->Damage from wrong filling 100/day
->Benefit of chelation 0.02/day


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