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Re: where does it stop - the answer

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Karlin Views: 1,455
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: where does it stop - the answer

"where do we draw the line."
"a more important question is: WHO gets to draw the line?"

Questions asked by plantsheal[good name!] is maybe answered like this :

as long as its consentual

That covers most of it, even dead people sex because they cannot give consent.
Same with kids - not old enough to give consent, therefore no sexual interferance/activity for them, with the possible exception of having it with their 'peers' in those 'tween' years of about 14 yrs old. , but not with an older person, one or two years older is the generally accepted range.

As for the bible, its being read by people with a mindset of finding what they want in it. "Preconcieved notions" can find anything they want in it. Why bother with the bible as the last word anyways? WE KNOW what is moral and what is not, we allways have since we were very young.

As for MJ, we don't know the facts... but he did say he sleeps with young boys but only with pyjamas on, that there is no sex... so don't get your shorts in a knot about MJ until the facts are clear... so far it is just media-driven tripe.
Its certainly not a national affair, not a bigger picture issue, not the kind of TREND or SOCIALLY ACCEPTED sexual behavior that we need to be concerned about, its just one situation.

Where we need to worry is when AUTHORITY FIGURES with a broad public influence gets away with rape, coersive or forceable sex with minors. Thats not MJ, there is no ancient and widely accepted respect and obedience implied with MJ like there is with religious leaders acting as head of a church or congregation.
See what I am getting at? That the authority of MORALITY that is taught by these religious leaders [priests], or the LEGAL and WIDELY ACCEPTED authority of THE MAYOR or Spokane, for eg., - THATS WHERE IT IS MOST DANGEROUS , besides the obvious criminal pedophiles that lurk around us.

THe psycholgical damage to the victim-person, and the whole community, when a priest or mayor rapes a kid by using their influence is severe. When we cannot trust authority, that brings down the whole system, the damage is widespread and life-long.

But it allways comes back to giving consent, without any coersion or undue influence. If thats taken care of, then sex is okay, i think.
On SEXUALITY, I would suggest that it is media driven because it a good marketplace gig. We have been told that we need to be sexual, when really its a very base and instictual behavior that is not essential to a full and happy life. Pursuing sex to the degree we often see today can take away from a happy life. Its no longer a biological imperitive, not in an allready over- crowded world.

Anyways, thanks for bring it up plantsheal.


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