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RE: MY SONS EYES (and me)

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Published: 15 years ago

RE: MY SONS EYES (and me)

Hi Humaworm,

OK, this has me a little scared, so I thought I'd ask you about all this. Last night , I was lying on my bed, and out of nowhere I got that weird deep back ache right by the kidney on the left side. What happens right after that is this really queasy feeling, then I get HOT, and DETACHED, and I feel as though I need to message that area of my back. There is no actual "pain", but more like a deep deep ache, which makes you feel sick. It was very hard to fall asleep, which by the way, my son is also experiencing (we thought that might be die off), but I finally did, I slept for a few hrs. and upon waking, felt SICK, HOT, and "weird"...hard to explain. NOT GOOD! I got up, walked around the house, and felt very "strange", very DETACHED..almost faint. I was able to carry on conversatons with my husband and kids, but I felt totally "not there"...and queasy. My heart was pounding very hard when I woke up as well, which lasted for about 1/2 hr. or so. I have moved my bowels twice since I've been up. But, I still feel SICKLY, and have noticed that even sitting here trying to type this to you, i am VERY VERY DETACHED, and my hands actually feel "weird", as though they are having a hard time being flexible, almost stiffing up a little, which made me nervous, and I wondered if that was the central nervous system? I don't have a fever at all. (when I say I felt HOT getting out of bed today, it's just that my skin felt HOT...I took my temp. and it was normal)...I also feel as though my arms and legs are very HEAVY...and that around the left side of my neck and under the left side of my chin, by the lymph nodes, it feels HEAVY AND THICK....ths is very weird, and scarey. Now, keep in mind I had someting SIMILAR to this back in May, but then I had a UTI, and dealt with that, but this here is very similar, the back ache by the kidneys and all. I also get very gasy when this happens, and my stomach seems to get hard and puffy.
I've been having lower back pain, say in the sciatic area, and lumbar area for a while now, and I think it's due to my car, the way I sit in my car gets me stiff, and I hate it! But, that's something different. This other ache is very deep, and it's a little fartherup, by the kidneys. I don't have it now, it just sort of comes and goes, like I said, the last one was about two days ago sitting on my chair in front of the comp. .. but then, that went away much easier than now.

I know this is a long post...sorry....I'm just worried and don't know what to do...right now all I'm really dealing with is the DETACHED feeling, the weirdness in my hands, and that constant ache down in the lumbar region. (which also kind of goes around the hip and waist area)....HELP!

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