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"Near Invisible DNA" As The Hidden Cause of Most Cancers
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Published: 15 years ago
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"Near Invisible DNA" As The Hidden Cause of Most Cancers

Researcher Discovers "Near Invisible DNA"
As The Hidden Cause of Most Cancers and
Other "Gene Related Diseases!"

Cancer Cells And Their Drug Resistance Genes
Come From DNA of Drug Resistant Bacteria!

August 9, 2006 --Cancers carry drug resistant genes because they (most cancers) are each started - from the self-transferable DNA of drug resistant bacteria that live in the host, or in a carrier! This discovery is explained by Bruce D. McKay of Tampa, Florida, and he says each new cancer is "switched on," by the super small, "almost invisible DNA's."
This (cancer causing DNA) is a little understood form of DNA that comes from drug resistant bacteria! McKay, who graduated from Florida State University explains that cancers and tumors start - WHEN the DNA molecules that compose the genetic directorate of the cell are altered by this FORM of self-replicating, and self-transferable DNA. The DNA is not only, itself, self-transferable; it is also able to "transfer and sets up,” or otherwise “automatically install," the drug-resistance genes that are found in drug resistant bacteria; those same genes come to be found in each different type of cancer or tumor!

Smoking plays a major part in the generating of cancers, tumors, and so many other diseases because it drives down oxygen levels in the body. In terms of size, the drug resistance DNA's that are involved are so small and so adaptable that they can "easily hitch a ride on a passing smoke particle!" Think about what this means when you take into account, the nature of the bacteria breaking down the tobacco products in a given host. It means a potential lung cancer victim needs little more than to inhale this FORM of DNA, carried along on some drifting smoke particle as illustrated above - and this DNA can transfer a series of auto plug-in, drug resistant genes to a new host who has a mere scratch or a sore throat. With any of a number of reasons for a temporarily suppressed immune system - the next cancer begins!

This type of DNA, as those in recombinant DNA research know, is also so posed for activity that it is very readily and 'automatically picked up' by a given cell! Those in various fields of research call it an "oncogene," and they have never been able to identify where the "oncogenes" come from - but all that is explained above. In that regard, it must be most respectfully added," Mckay says, "that this type of DNA - and it's more or less cryptic abilities, especially in regard to the spontaneous self-transferring nature of this DNA and it's ability to transfer either anaerobic or aerobic qualities and features - is something that has always been very profoundly misapprehended(!) by those in the sciences, those in every field of research, and many other highly regarded Doctors, professors and various other high ranking professionals, throughout the whole world-wide medical community!"

This is the same DNA that also tends to be frequently 'left behind,' following almost every cancer surgery. It is very simply taken up by the cells that newly emerge during the healing process. This is what allows the same given cancer or tumor to readily emerge once again following surgery. This explains why the new cancers promptly take on the same from and then reemerge - most often at the very same spot within the very same tissue from which it was surgically removed!

"Those in the sciences have been looking for this answer to what causes cancers for more than 200 years!" says McKay, who has worked to find this final answer for more than thirty years. McKay says, "the scientists and others in research did not sufficiently recognize or readily identify the known features of this form of DNA. In essence, the features of this form of DNA do not compare well, with those features normally associated with man's understanding of DNA. They ‘do not compute,' " he says, "when comparing the cancer causing DNA to the features of normal DNA. As a result when almost anyone addressed the problem of cancers, they soon concluded that all cancers were due to a large assortment of causes, chemicals, and other factors. It was only on the surface of things," he says, "that it happened to seem that there was a different cause for every kind of cancer and every tumor!"

So, how can there be a FORM of DNA that can readily "transfer and set up,” or otherwise “automatically install" the "drug resistance genes?"

The answer is – this DNA ordinarily transfers the drug resistant genes that are normally passed between drug resistant bacteria! (Everyone knows that many of the drug resistant medications have been failing.) Now, a little light comes on when you look at it in terms of the same drug resistant genes in cancers and tumors. In fact, the same drug resistance genes are what obviously drive the drug resistance of almost every cancer and every tumor! More light - as soon as you begin to grasp the importance of the fact that this form of DNA can self-transfer, and it is also able to readily cross species lines! (Note: now we can finally understand how, what causes cancer in a mouse, is also what causes the same cancer in a woman or a man, I.e., different species of the same bacteria are the missing piece, or the solution to many parts of the riddle of cancer!) Now add – “this FORM of DNA has the power to self-replicate, without the bacteria from which it originated being present.” McKay says, the result is "this is a DNA that can install genes and/or spontaneously change DNA or genetic material in bacteria, and it simply does the same thing it has been designed to do in humans(!) or animal cells or even plant cells. And this form of DNA can even transfer itself, when in a self-transfer mode! Besides that," he says, "it is clear! It only exists in a little known, 'almost invisible form!' Ergo, all this explains why this form of cancer causing DNA - has always escaped detection!"

Note: Some individuals will have difficulty comprehending what is being explained here. "To more fully comprehend what this form of DNA does," McKay says, "just try reversing the order of the foregoing statements: (a) This type of DNA has always escaped detection. (B) It is little known - it exists in a 'clear form.' It has always been all but invisible . . . (and detectable only with an electron microscope and the little known process of metal staining) : (c) when it transfers it can easily move across species lines; (d) it normally exists and acts in a form that can readily "transfer and set up, or otherwise automatically install" the "drug resistance genes" that it usually passes, carries, or transports between drug resistant bacteria; and (e) when this same form of DNA transfers their drug resistant genes - and it automatically ‘transfer and set up, or otherwise “automatically installs” whatever the drug-resistance genes it carries, these new sets of drug resistant genes end up as being found in each cancer or tumor."

"In general, (f) it (each cancer or tumor) has always generated the appearance that something entirely different is happening or causing the emergence of each different type of tissue or cell that becomes cancerous or distorted. (g) This form of DNA can also readily pass itself on, i.e., it literally and readily moves from generation to generation of cells, because of it's own self-replicating nature. (h) The fact that it is also, self-transferable, explains how a given cancer is able to move to other tissues in the same host, (i.e. metastasis.) (i) Hence, when this DNA alters the genetic directorate of the cell, it is this that starts most cancers and tumors."

"No one has previously recognized that this form of DNA exists! The diseases that it causes are also well known in that they generally take on a less active format. We know them as AIDS, HIV, MS, MD, (diabetes) and many other gene related diseases are all explained by this same type of DNA factor. Many of these diseases have never been stopped or adequately understood," according to McKay. He says, "Cancers and tumors arise when the transferred DNA comes from an anaerobic drug resistant bacteria, in that these bacteria are known to transfer electrons to nitrogen rather than oxygen. (Thus almost every cancer functions as a “nitrogen trap.”) This DNA both accounts for and it introduces the mysterious, alternate respiration pathways, the drug resistant features and the other features commonly found as different in various cancers and tumors. Hence, these emerging cell lines carry this form of DNA and it is not only self-transferable, but it also transfers the "drug resistance genes" found in cancers. On the other hand, when this same form of DNA is passed from a more typical bacteria that normally transfers electrons to oxygen, the respiration pathways are not augmented as in cancers and tumors. Hence, the same form of DNA which emerges from bacteria other than the anaerobic species, that does not contain the above noted replication modules, is obviously what also account for many of the completely unexplained changes in the DNA as are found to emerge in almost any of the other non-cancerous so-called "gene-related diseases!"

For more information please contact:
Bruce D. McKay, Epistemologist
Author of the Book Science Research Proves Evolution Hoax
2035 Philippe Pkwy #63
Safety Harbor, FL 34695 USA

Telephone: (727) 796-8313 “elijah_33”
(Website: Explains Global Warming and Evolution Hoax)


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