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ozone cures cancer
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Published: 15 years ago

ozone cures cancer


Ozone cures all forms of cancer.

It is over three decades since peer-reviewed studies were published in the
US on the efficacy of ozone in destroying cancerous tissue, while leaving
normal tissue unharmed.

Hopefully it is not three more decades until it becomes mainstream therapy
(as it was between 1900 and 1932).

Best of Health!
Dr. Saul Pressman
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Ozone, "triatomic oxygen," is another oxygen-carrying compound,
chemically represented as O3. You can smell it in the air after a
storm and the ancient Hebrews called it, "The breath of God."

Ozone has been used in medicine since the last century because of
its scientifically validated and indisputable
bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal properties.

As far back as 1901, ozone was used in a sewage treatment plant in
Germany and this use is now standard worldwide.

Laboratory studies have shown that when ozone is introduced into the
blood in microgram doses, it is immediately converted into
hydroperoxides which are free radical scavengers: glutathione,
catalase, super oxide dismutase, etc. They have shown remarkable
antibacterial and antifungal effects.

These hydroperoxides actually seek out and destroy diseased cells
and invading organisms and account for ozone's anti-tumor

Infected cells have lower levels of enzyme activity and are less
stable. The hydroperoxides readily react with the cell membrane
lipids. Through reaction of ozone with the phospholipid chains in
the cell membrane, lipoperoxides are introduced into the cell and
influence its metabolism; in particular, polyunsaturated fatty acids
whose peroxides have a selective cytotoxic effect and have growth
inhibiting effects in human lung, breast, and prostate cancer cells.

Ozone therapy has been in use for many years by thousands of West
German doctors who have proven in hundreds of clinical studies that
they are able to inactivate AIDS and other viruses through the use
of ozone.

After more than fifty years of beneficial use on millions of
patients in Europe, ozone has been proven to be an effective remedy
in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, AIDS, cardiovascular disease,
systemic candidiasis, mononucleosis, hepatitis, herpes and any other
condition of microbial contamination. Ozone has also helped improve
the nervous system and brain function in senility, multiple
sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Dr. Donsbach's treatment program for cancer patients includes
regular ozone therapy. In fact, ozone therapy is an essential
ingredient for the treatment of candidiasis, chronic fatigue
syndrome, Arthritis and most of the degenerative diseases.

Ozone insufflation is a procedure which introduces ozone into the
rectal area where the rich capillary beds absorb the oxygen and
utilize it for the benefit of the body. This procedure is painless
and simple and constitutes the primary form of ozone therapy used at
Dr. Donsbach's Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico and Institut Santa
Monica in Poland.

Studies have shown that ozone purified air reduces the incidence of
colds, sore throats, and allergy attacks, especially during the flu
season. Frequent or continuous ozonation of office air greatly
reduces a chance of infection. In this light, an ozone generator
becomes an office companion, just as essential as a water cooler.

Dr. Donsbach suggests that everyone have an ozone generator in their
home running 24 hours a day. He has a unit that is very affordable
and portable, so you can put it in your bedroom at night and in the
living room or wherever you spend your time during the day. You can
also use this same unit for ozone insufflation and, with a special
aerator attachment, to ozonate your fruits and vegetables, meat and
fish and your drinking water.

Here is the description of Dr. Donsbach's ozone generator (as seen
on our Healthcare Products - Devices section of


Purify the air of all toxins - purify water, meat, fish and
vegetables - ozone insufflation - the list goes on and on.

The beneficial properties of ozone are well-documented; they
include, disinfection of bacteria and germs, inactivation of viruses
and fungi, reduction of noxious odors, oxidation (destruction) of
heavy metals, oxidation of cyanide and other dangerous organic
compounds and increased levels of oxygen.

The greatest property an ozone generator has is its ability to
purify the air of all toxins. It is the product of choice to purify
the air in surgical suites and hair salons with abundant toxic

Ozone is the premiere water purifier, also; better than any other
method. You can ozonate pure water and increase the oxygen content,
creating a healthy, high oxygen beverage and use it to ozonate your
bath water for an invigorating, high-oxygen ozone bath. You can
ozonate your fruits, vegetables, meats and fish to remove all
pesticide residue and bacteria.

Dr. Donsbach's new, redesigned OZONE GENERATOR puts out 300 ppm
ozone and it measures only 10" X 11" X 3", making it extremely easy
to move from place to place in your home. Ambient air passes
through an encased ultraviolet tube which produces pure ozone (and
no nitrous oxides which are dangerous). It comes complete with a
stethoscope attachment for ear ozone insufflation for ear problems,
such as ear aches, hearing loss and tinnitus, a catheter for rectal
ozone insufflation to increase the oxygen content of the blood, a
built-in HEPA filter to clean the air before we oxygenate it, Dr.
Donsbach's booklet on Ozone and a video explaining its many uses.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was originally developed in the 1930's by
the military for diving operations which often resulted in
decompression sickness and air embolism. Since then, many
innovative physicians have found that deadly spider bites, carbon
monoxide poisoning, burns, serious wounds and particularly
restoration of brain function following a stroke are effective

Other conditions, including a broad range of neuromuscular diseases,
such as spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, migraine headaches
and tinnitus (ringing in the ears), have responded to the
introduction of hyperbaric oxygen.

At Hospital Santa Monica we have hyperbaric chambers that resemble
inflated alpine sleeping bags with a big peephole. The patient lies
in the chamber and slowly the inside air pressure increases to the
equivalent of being several hundred feet below sea level.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves having oneself placed under
several pounds of oxygenated air pressure which causes the oxygen in
the air to be literally transfused through your skin into the body.
The normal treatment time is from 45 to 60 minutes.

During this time, your skin is busily gulping up the extra oxygen
which can produce many beneficial changes in the cellular function
of the body. Most of the patients who use this therapy have serious
illnesses, although more and more athletes are finding that their
performances are enhanced significantly by using hyperbaric oxygen
therapy during training.



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