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Published: 16 years ago
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Its quite possible thats what the problem is seeing as its only when the Pineapples (Mass Enzymes) are taken same with the supplemental! I do not fear pain as its an indicator of either a problem starting or somewhere, or if treating hollistically it can me just that HEALING.

20 lbs of food includes any fruit and veg wether juiced or raw! It should ideally be Organic so that the full amount of Vitamins and Enzymes are present. This is a Max Gerson protocol amount!

SOTA ozone water is very good and effective although for some bad Cancers and ideally Insufflation, IV, Funneling and Sauna are the hardcore treatments and these require a Medical Grade oxygen bottle feed.

The Blood Electrification units such as the great SOTA ZBB5 destroy Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, parasite etc etc. It should be used for 180 hours split into 2 hours a day MINIMUM until this 180 is reached. Hulda's methods are good for gut parasites etc where as this device concentrates solely on the blood. Of course you can get fatigue from this device and Herxheimers. In order to lower the severity of these herxheimers a PROPER water intake is needed following Dr Batmanghelidj or more along with the correct balance of salt using HIMALAYAN salt. Ideally in order to lower severity of herxheimer other than water it means cleansed elimination organs otherwise the junk cannot get out and some get reabsorbed. Many parasites cannot be seen by the naked eye my friend.

Yes basically they are the same thing so stick with the one. My mother found her heart raced on Spirulina and only a little on Green Barley

If you want to buy tea from Lewtress its going to cost a fortune for Cancer. You must take at least 1 LITRE a day for Cancer and anything less simply isn't going to do what Kombucha can. You can buy any of the Kombuchas but I would stick to Bancha, Sencha, Chun Mee them types! Honestly source the kits and make your own its simple and costs pennies once the inital cost is done with.

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