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Re: ..can't live off vegetables?..

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: ..can't live off vegetables?..

At this late date, I went to read some of your posts from the past.

One of your posts said that you believe that... of course she can't live off vegetables when people recommended vegetables! So the theory that you are working with, correct me if I am wrong, is to pick and choose those items like shakes that look like it will help your mum put on weight. Your concern should be how they react with the body and cancer once she eats them, not how to put weight on her. Since you are not talking about biochemistry and since most people do not know enough about biochemistry to relate it to what you are doing, how do you know the things you pick to put on weight won't have the opposite result? You don't know. Have you ever tried it on someone in this particular combination before, the combination of all the things you are using? IF you follow your theory about the necessity of putting on weight, you will pick up wrong solutions.

Many people are vegetarians and have normal weight just by eating vegetables. You made the statement that your mother cannot live off vegetables. Did you show any proof for this? Dr. Max Gerson spent a lifetime treating patients. His book on 50 cancer cases shows he used vegetables to overcome their cancers. He documented it with X-rays, ect. including showing his mistakes. Read it when your own interpretation based on what you know, not on what Dr. Gerson knew, begins to take over and you start doing things to put weight on her. If you are getting pressure from those around you that "she looks thin, you know" then tell them to look at cows.
All they eat is grass and water and they are not thin.

Read up on how alternative treatments work and you will see that chemotherapy simply works on symptoms. It does not strengthen the body. You can strengthen the body, like the immune system by providing more resources the body can use to make its own army, like the natural killer cells for instance. The body's own army works best inside the body to kill foreign invaders without destroying other parts of itself in the process, like the man-made chemotherapy or radiation does. There isn't ANY theory to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. (If someone knows it, pls. post it.)
Each alternative method has its own theory. Each has found ingenious ways, along with using organic food, mainly vegetables, to put absorbable food at the body's fingertips so it can create its own internal help as it was evolved to do over the centuries. You cannot improve on this with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy did not evolve along with the evolution of the body. It is completely foreign to the body and costly in terms of using up its precious resources. If you had biology, look back on all the problems created by foreign invaders or things that are completely foreign to the internal environment of the body. While both the doctors who use chemotherapy and doctors who use say, Gerson Therapy, have their knowledge based on the same biology classes, those who use Gerson type therapy have taken their same knowledge down a different path. An alternative one. It is a different philosophy of how medicine should be used.

If you want a better chance at being successful, then taper off the chemotherapy and gradually use more of the alternative method you chose. You said you are having trouble stretching money to meet all expenses. Have you read about the Budwig Diet someone recommended? Is that expensive? Have you considered using that instead of the chemotherapy? Chemotherapy will require more and more drugs. This will force you to look for more and more quick fixes, which is what chemotherapy is. People who do not understand the underlying forces which cause cancer will be forced to use quick fixes like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery because to them it looks like they are doing something (permanent against cancer).

Many/some alternative practitioners use chemotherapy or radiation in extremely minimal amounts in the beginning and then stop or taper off. If you are picking up conflicting things to take for the cancer, it means the theory you are using as a guide (for what to take) isn't any good and you should modify it. Or throw it out completely. If you get a specific thing to buy, it is because you asked a specific question. It is not the fault of the person who tried to answer your question, that his suggestion does not fit in with your theory. People who decide, without ANY experience, to combine some conventional medicine like chemotherapy with some alternative treatments are creating and testing their new theory on a relative or on themselves.

This is a hard road to follow because it is full of mistakes and misteps. The BIGGEST and the main problem with using chemotherapy with a few things from alternatives is the alternative treatments you put in knock out some of the poison/damage. You make some progress toward health (like increase cancer killer cells) which you then ruin by pouring in more chemotherapy poison the next time you have a chemotherapy infusion. Doing this doesn't make any sense to me. Chemotherapy may sound like a good, rational theory in someone's head, but when it is tested empirically, out in the real world, it doesn't work out. It does more damage than good, unlike alternative treatments.

If you want to use chemotherapy, and use a few alternative things, that will help a little. I don't see how that would hurt. Especially, since it will help the person with cancer live a little longer. It also makes it look as if the chemotherapy drug helps a cancer person live longer than it (the drug) actually does.

If you are going to use more than an ozonator and juicing, then it looks like you are trying to shift to using alternatives (only), and you would be fighting against your own recovery of health by continuing to use chemotherapy. If the questions you asked were to help you decide which one to use, then start to use that alternative system (method).

You mentioned the Ukrain method. Remember you cannot eliminate cancer in a matter of few days or weeks. The healing is purposely done to be GRADUAL based on scientific reasons (I mentioned earlier).

While there is nothing wrong with asking why do these do products (or items) conflict, but switching from one method to another every two weeks has disasterous results. People usually do this because the cancer patient is not getting well fast enough to suit them, and this makes the caretaker nervous. Seeing a person in your care get thinner and thinner would make anyone nervous. This is something you have to live with while the body uses it's few available resources to build up the immune system to kill off the cancer cells and then get rid of them and their toxins.

It would be nice if laetril was partly paid by insurance. Laetril, dreamed up by Dr. Krebs(?). Made from apricot pits. Something bears eat whole. Safe for humans. Toxic to cancer, only. What a dream. But the world is not run by those who know how to use laetril. It is run by representatives and those who elect them who only have a rational understanding in their head how laetril works. Most people including oncologists don't have any idea how laetril works empirically, in the real world, outside the theories in their head.

It would be nice if a cancer person immediately put on a pound or two when she started alternative treatments, because everyone who knows her would feel better.
But looking for a cancer person to put on weight while using chemotherapy and starting alternatives means you don't understand what you are doing. You could try asking if she can do some things more for herself than she could before.

The body works on the well known scientific fact that it will work to save its vital resources before turning its attention and energy to putting on a little weight. Here is an example from grammar school. It will save the vitality of the heart and lungs before the hand and feet in times of crisis like a shortage or severe cold (ie.arctic wind). Cancer is certainly a crisis. In the sequence of saving things the more important things to the body get saved first. It is more important to the body to save and replenish the immune system then using its very, very limited resources to put on a few pounds on the face. It makes the caretaker happier and others, but does not do anything for the cancer patient. The cancer patient cannot absorb nutrition, to put a few pounds on itself is a waste of its meager resources. You have to know these empirical facts ahead of time, so you know to CONCERN yourself with improving/increasing amount of absorption (juicing does this for you) rather than finding a quick method to make a cancer victim look better cosmetically (no matter what everybody else at home says).

You have the empiricism of Science to trust in, not some ideas that only look good on paper.

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