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Interesting Article

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Free Clark DVD!
Order this free DVD that includes a testimonial by former State Repres...

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Published: 16 years ago
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Interesting Article

I got this from a newsletter, and found it interesting, and thought it might help.

If we take an honest look at nature, we will observe that three things are present:

1) Nature follows definite laws which are not subject to opinion or variance; and
2) Every aspect of life is reflected by nature.
3) Nature is governed by the law of CAUSE and EFFECT.

If we have violated a natural law, we have created a Cause, for which we will suffer
an Effect.

Our ignorance of the laws of Nature does not change these laws.

There are two reasons for disease, or lack of health

1) Ignorance
2) Laziness

In the field of health, there are a few good rules to follow to achieve health.
1) Follow the laws of Nature
2) Let Truth be your authority, not authority your truth.

One of the Laws of Nature is that the innate intelligence of the body strives to
keep the body alive, regardles of the cost. The "cost" is what we call "disease".
Disease is the effort of the body to keep us alive.


The body will keep us alive and healthy provided that we feed it "Real Food".
Real food is a food which is compatible with the body; that in no way takes
from the body, but lends itself to the building up of health and maintaining
life. It contains nothing that is harmful, toxic or non-usable by the body.

Real Food is defined for us by Nature as follows:

1) Something edible grown by Nature - of the Plant Kingdom
2) Food which can be eaten without processing in any way.
3) Food which comes to us from Nature as "complete packages", that is, they
contain naturally everything in them necessary for the body to process and
assimilate that food.


The only qualities of food which the body requires in a complete package
are the following:


If all of these components are in the food, the food is complete. If any of these
are missing, the food is not "Real Food".

Real Food is provided by Nature in this form as raw fruits and vegetables. Raw
fruits and vegetables contain all of the parts mentioned above. If food has been
processed, cooked or altered in any way so as to change or eliminate any of the above ingredients, it is no longer "Real Food" as far as the Human Body is


The plant kingdom utilizes sunshine, carbon dioxide, oxygen, water and organic
minerals in the process of photosynthesis to feed itself and grow. The result is
a living plant (food for animal consumption) containing:

fatty acids
organic minerals
organic enzymes (vitamins)
water (pure)

Inorganic Mineral from the Earth + Photosynthesis = Organic Minerals from
Plants which provide Protein and Enzymes for animals and humans.

The animal kingdom does not possess the ability to perform photosynthesis,
therefore must rely on the plant kingdom to prepare its food.

Any form of processing nature's foods (such as pasteurization, cooking, adding
preservatives , etc.) breaks the bonds between the food components and their
attached enzymes as well as destroys the enzyme. The result is inorganic or
denatured food components and thus inorganic food.

The enzyme must be alive and attached to the mineral or food component in
order for the body to utilize it. The enzyme acts as a "passport" to get the mineral
into the cell of the body and aids in the cell's utilization of that mineral. Raw foods
are living and thus produce life in the body; because they have intact enzymes
they are organic. Enzymes are catalysts - substances which help the body work
more efficiently in utilizing food for life maintaining purposes.

An example of an inorganic substance is table salt . It is simply sodium and
chloride. No enzymes, thus it is dead and the body cannot use it. Our bodies
cannot attach an enzyme to inorganic substances, except at great cost. It is only the
plant kingdom, through the process of photosynthesis, that can attach enzymes to
inorganics and make them living or organic.

The more we process a food, the less nutrient value it retains. This is because living foods are organic foods. Processed foods, to various degrees, are inorganic
or "dead" foods.

The following is the hierarchy of food preparation starting at the top with no
preparation leaving the food with its full nutrient content, ending at the bottom
with the most processing, rendering the food dead and useless to the body -
little or no nutrient value retained:

RAW and WHOLE JUICED and consumed immediately once the skin of fruits or
vegetables is broken, oxygen combines with the enzymes and kills them
(this process is called "oxidation")

DEHYDRATED or DRIED loses 2-5% of nutrient value dried without chemicals
or additives commercial brands of dried fruit contain sulfur-dioxide;
exception: raisins)

FROZEN freshly picked and frozen immediately loses 5-30% of nutrient value

STEAMED loses 15 - 60% of nutrient value steamed means the green bean
is still a bit crispy (if it's limp, its cooked)

COOKED baked, broiled, boiled, grilled, steamed too long, home canned
the green bean is limp loses 40 -100% of nutrient value, depending on
how long it is cooked

COOKED LEFTOVERS MICROWAVED Loses 90 - 99% of nutrient value

these not only lose 100% of their nutrient value, but have toxins added to them

Disease or "dis-ease" is defined as a lack of health. Disease results when any
cell is not functioning 100% of its designed duty whether due to trauma, toxicity,
lack of communication or a combination thereof. Disease is due to stress.

Whether due to ignorance or laziness, exposing the body to stress will produce
a diseased state of the body. Stress is the only means of tearing down health
resulting in disease, our bodies paying the price for violating the laws of nature
(our wrong doings). We do not "catch" a disease or illness, we earn it.
We must "work" for disease.

Disease is nothing more than the body responding to the wrong we have done
to it. It is the body's attempt at keeping us alive in response to the wrongs we
have inflicted on our bodies.

Pathological changes are the cell's response to stress. These changes or
compensations allow the body to survive - maintain homeostasis - as long as
the stress continues. These tissue changes which result in disease, are the
outward manifestation of internal compensation to stress. Until the cause is
removed, the condition will remain in one form or another.


Medically speaking a symptom is defined as a sign or indication of a disease or illness.

It is thought that if the symptom is treated and eradicated, then the disease or illness
has been cured.

Symptoms are viewed somewhat differently from a natural healing perspective in that:

Symptoms are indicators that there is an abnormal condition within the body which is
producing a state of "dis-ease".

A symptom or a group of symptoms are given a specific name depending on the type
and location of the symptom(s). Medically this name is known as a "disease" or "illness".
>From a natural healing standpoint, a named disease or illness is interchangeable with
the word "symptom".

A symptom (disease/illness) is the body's effort to eliminate toxins from the body; to
return the body to a state of health when stimulated; to undo any damage that has
been done to the body.

A symptom is the body's effort to stay alive while coping with anything detrimental that
has been done or is being done to the body.

Diseases/illnesses/symptoms are the body's attempt to restore health and maintain life.

Food Consumption in the U.S.A.

Between 1900 and 1980
Fresh fruit and vegetable consumption decreased from 40% to less than 5%
Butter consumption decreased 75%
Lard consumption decreased 66%
Unprocessed potato and sweet potato consumption decreased 40%
Processed potatoes comprise 33% of all white potatoes consumed
The majority of these are in the form of french fries
The fast food industry sells 75% of all french fries eaten
Whole grain consumption decreased 50%
Beef consumption increased 75%
Dairy product consumption (other than bufter) increased 25%
Cheese consumption increased 400%
Fat and oil consumption increased 150%
Margarine consumption increased 800%
Corn syrup consumption increased 400%
Sugar consumption increased 50% (the average person consumes 150 pounds of REFINED WHITE Sugar per year)
Processed fruit and vegetable consumption (other than citrus fruit)

Between 1910 and 1980
Poultry consumption increased 350%
Fresh apple consumption decreased 70%
Fresh fruit consumption decreased 33%

Between 1930 and 1980
Processed citrus fruit consumption increased 2500%
Fresh citrus fruit consumption decreased 50%

Between 1940 and 1980
Egg consumption decreased 25%
Food coloring consumption increased 90%

Between 1960 and 1980
Soft drink consumption increased 300%
Each person consumes 38 gallons of soft drinks annually (one fifth of our Sugar intake is in soft drinks)

*Statistics compiled by the United States Department of Agriculture

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