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Published: 16 years ago
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The "destroy" myth

The big mistake that some make is trying to "destroy" a cancer cell. This is what mainstream medicine does and it carries over into some of the alternative thinking as well. It is flawed thinking as it doesn't look at the aspect of holistic balance or what some may even call divine order. Cancer cells are part of the innate wisdom of the human body. They are not a mistake but a natural function. It is a mechanism to preserve life longer squeeze more life for us. One needs to support that wisdom. The key to healing the condition of cancer or any dis ease, is by removing interference so the body can heal itself. Humans, under the guise of scientific reductionism, complicate things and tend to miss the point. The point is that the body will heal its self under the right conditions.

In a loose manner of speaking, what people tend to do is look at skid marks as a representation for an accident, while missing many aspects of what led up to those skid marks and correcting (reversing) the problem).

Brilliant Story

Cancer is not the enemy. It is the body's way of prolonging life in an autointoxicated state (toxic congestion/storage). Many who have candida look to their condition as the enemy too, when in fact it is a sign a deeper problem. People with a virus look to it as the enemy, etc, etc. These conditions arise due to lack of nutrition at all levels (spiritual, physical, emotional and mental), and toxicity within those same levels. Occasionally structual interference can be a causitive factor especially, as it relates to the body's ability to cummunicate within itself.

""To say that bacteria and viruses cause all disease is tantamount to saying that flies cause garbage."
Author Unknown

So simply, one must realize why the condition of cancer manifested, then change the parameters that led up to the dis ease state. Attacking the disease like it's a singular entity can only have short term results, but unless the deeper disharmony within the body is corrected, disease will only manifest again.

Here is another way to view the situation:

Andreas discusses cancer.


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