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Re: Please guide for 8 year brain cancer patient
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Please guide for 8 year brain cancer patient

Dear Vanman,

I'm not sure whether Dr. Schulze 's
30-day Incurables Program is recommended for children or not.
If you call his company, (1-800-
437-2362), someone will be able to
tell you. His website is:

Here are some other suggestions that
may well benefit your son. If he
were mine, I wouldn't permit the
doctors to radiate him, or feed
him chemotherapy. Both of those
protocols are terribly toxic, and
are guaranteed to knock out what's
left of him immune system.

Here are three herbal products that
I'd start him on immediately. All
three have strong, well-deserved
reputations as cancer-killers:

l) Pau D'Arco (pronounced POW-D-R-CO. Also known as Lapacho,
this herb is a legend in South
America for its ability to not only
kill cancer, but a wide variety of
other serious diseases. You can
use the powder to make tea, or, better yet for a child, mix it into
his food. I buy Pau D'Arco from
Raintree Nutrition, a trustworthy
company. They sell a pound for $16.00. Raintree's website is:
Their order line is 1-800-780-5902.
I mix one-half teaspoon in my daily
yogurt, every third day, as part of
my anti-cancer prevention program.

2) AHCC is a blend of five medicinal
mushrooms and rice bran. Doctor
David Williams, one of the superstars of alternative mediine,
spent 5 pages of his current print
newsletter raving about the cancer-
killing, immune-enhancing power of
AHCC. I take one capsule before
bed, every other night. I buy my
AHCC from the Vitamin Shoppe. Their
website is:
Their order line is 1-800-223-1216.
The product number of their AHCC is

3) Graviola is another herb from the
Brazilian rainforest that has a
magical reputation when it comes
to killing cancer. You can buy
graviola from Raintree Nutrition,
the same company that offers the
Pau D'Arco. And, no, I do not work
for any of these companies -- or
anyone else!

I would start the boy on all three
herbs ASAP. I would also change his
eating regimen to raw, living foods,
and fresh juice that you make yourself. If he goes on a vegan
eating regimen, takes all three of
the herbs I listed, and avoids any
more radiation or chemo, I think
he has a good chance to survive.
The radiation and chemo and pharmaceuticals will poison him.
The living foods and juices will
nurture him. You have to trust your

I will pray for your little boy.



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