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Similar condition.
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Published: 17 years ago
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Similar condition.

I had a similar issue last year. A small lump deep in my breast started to grow and got to about golf ball size, but not having insurance, and refusing to pay the huge fees for a biopsy, I decided to treat it like cancer.

I read Dr. Clark's book, The Cure For All Diseases , and because she stated tumors contained parasites, I did the colon, parasite, liver and blood cleansing, and cleaned my house of toxic cleaners and cosmetics. I would take a face cloth, washed in Borax, then soak it in hydrogen peroxide and put that in my bra when home. It took about three months, but the lump surfaced and broke open. It bleed and the foul smelling puss had a sour metalic odor. I continued with the hp, but at times, I would use liquid Nutri-biotic grapefruit seed extract, about 25 drops in about 1 cup of water, soak a cloth in it, and put that in my bra. Within about 1 month, the lump was the size of a small grape, and less than a month later about the size of a pea, then it was a dimple and finally gone, but there is a small scar where it had opened. During those few months, it constantly opened up and oozed pussy, smelly, bloody, gunk.

I am pretty sure this lump would have been diagnosed as cancer, but I think it was a huge cyst, but it sounds very much like what your wife has, with the exception of the severe bleeding. I was in real fear of having a mamogram and having the lump explode internally, and if surgery was an option, I doubt I would have had it removed, due to the fear of being maimed.

While doing all of this, I took a potent multivitamin/mineral complex, 5 - 10 grams of vitamin C (I think this helped reduce scarring), Megahydrin (great anti-oxidant), Omega 3 oils in capsules, 500 mgs of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Primal Defense (probiotic). I also would take about 5 drops of Grapefruit-Seed-Extract in 1/2 cup of water daily (horrid taste!). Close to the end of my problem, I had learned how to make and use Colloidal Silver so that was added later, drinking anywhere from 2 oz to 16 oz a day, but I wasn't consistant with the amount.

I avoided sugar, dairy and wheat, and tried to eat a lot of salads with lemon and flax oil, using fish and poultry as an addition to salads, and just plain old steamed veggies, some raw. Raw garlic was a consistant ingredient along with parsely to kill the garlic odor, I juiced a lot of veggies using tomatoes or carrots as a base, and then adding whatever I had on hand. Nothing I did was specific at all. I also juiced lemons (rind and all) and added Stevia as the sweetner, and used that as well as green tea and pure water as my only beverages. I would have added plain kefir with fresh or frozen raspberries to the mix, sweetened with Stevia, if I had known more about ellegic acid back then. This all sounds great, but the truth is it was hard to avoid bad foods, and I did fail in that area numerous times.

The one thing I didn't use, but would have tried was adding DMSO to any solution that I soaked the wash cloth in because it can penetrate the skin easily and would have gotten the Grapefruit-Seed-Extract or HP into the internal area of the lump sooner.

I didn't have the money to spend on expensive herbal/holistic remedies, so I had to chose carefully and look for inexpensive ways to defeat that lump. Although my supplements were not inexpensive on a monthly basis, they were a lot cheaper and much better for my overall health, then wasting money on doctor visits and needless medications.

In one of the posts I saw a recommendation for and I have to highly recommend reading his web site, which includes his free ebook "Lessons from Miracle Doctors". I recently learned that he maintains another site and now has a site that sells his formulas, I think he is brilliant.

I don't know where you are located, and I do know of a great surgeon who specializes in cancer and at one time had a breast clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital. He removed a benign lump in my breast about 10 years ago, and I don't even have a scar to prove it because he is such a skilled surgeon who is aware of how women feel about their breasts. He is now in Pennsylvania. If he is anywhere near you, I would recommend calling him if you still want the tumor removed. His name is Wiley Souba and he cares very much about his patients and I was blessed to have had him as a surgeon.

Good luck to you and your wife.


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