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Re: A possible cure for CANCER, DIABETES and AIDS!!!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: A possible cure for CANCER, DIABETES and AIDS!!!

Hello to you too:
Your response to my messages regarding my wifes huge breast tumor was what a help and advice forum is all about. We are not interested in what we should take to cure our cancer or pains like taking this vitamin or that medication. We are interested in the actual procedure or what is being done as well as the vitamins that a person is taking, currently taking, and the results it is doing to you. If a person says he has cured his/her cancer by flaxseed oil and cottage cheese then I'd like to know how he did it. What was the dosage. How lomg did it take. what bodily affects if any that occurred while and during his taking of the flaxseed oil and etc. Finally, the wonderful news that the cancer had receded and the cure was eminent would be a most glorious information for all of us to hear. When I posted this message about the huge tumor on my wife's breast, I wanted to know if there were other people in the same situation and what they were doing about it so that we can help each other. In other words, we need detail information about the care and problems you encountered dealing with such a tumor. Your kind of response was what I wan't to hear. I hope I have explained what my initial message purpose was all about. Now, let me respond to what we have done up to this point about this tumor. First off, my wife bleeds from her tumor, not as profusely as it did awhile back but usually after the hard scabs on the surface of the tumor falls off. To stop the bleeding, we use a product called QR which is exactly what it does. It will literally stop the bleeding from any wound instantaneously. You can purchase this product in most drugstores like Walgreen, Rite Aid or CVS. You can also purchase it at Albertsons Super Market. It comes in a box labelled Unique QR with huge lettering that says Stop Bleeding instantly. The QR is a dark brown powder that coagulates the blood instantly. My wife uses toilet tissues in 2 or 3 square sizes, pours the QR on it and then presses the QR immediately on the bleeding. QR must be applied directly on blood or it does not work. Hold the tissue against the area for 30 seconds or more until the bleeding stops. Usually it stops almost immediately. The brown powder remain coagulated on the tumor and acts as a disinfective agent for the open wound. If your tumor is like my wifes, then there are really foul odors from the tumor. Placing charcoal around the room doesn't remove the odors as much because the smell from the oozing pus of the tumors is difficult to stop. In my first message I stated that my wife uses activated charcoal powder on her tumor and though it makes her tumor turn black, the charcoal does dry up the pus as well as disinfects the sores. We've found this is the best way to control the smell and the pus unless someone has a better idea. Another thing that she has done is to leave her tumor uncovered. I don't know about keeping it covered but for her we find it better if the tumor was exposed to the air and allowed to dry up by itself. As time goes on, the scabs harden under the charcoal and when the scab fall off, we can see that the tumor has shrunk a little bit. This then is the process my wife has been going through in treating the tumor on her breast. To anyone out there who has successfully treated tumors please let us know.

Hope this info help someone out there with a similar cancer tumor.

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