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Re: Caution - Hospitalization - Understanding Consequences
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Caution - Hospitalization - Understanding Consequences

Thank you Trinkles. I hope that you have a better experience than I did. As a medical student, I think you're more educated with the sciences and will have greater understanding and exposure to what works and what the consequences are. Hats off to you for checking out more holistic methodologies. Since my last posting, I had another attack (approximately 5 days after I got out of the hospital) and I got jaundiced again. This time, we made the decision to take out the gallbladder (emergency situation...they found more stones caught in the bile duct...they didn't want the jaundice to continue and the threat of pancreatitis to linger). When they took out the gallbladder, it was so jammed packed with stones, that they had to make the incision a little larger to drag the sack out. As the surgeon stated, "it was packed like marbles, there was no way any bile could have been stored in it." It has been 6 months since my 3 procedures (2 ERCP's and the removal) and I'm feeling OUTSTANDING. I feel better than I have in YEARS!!! More energy and I look at least 10 years younger. I should have had the damn thing out earlier.

I spoke with several naturopaths and chiropractors and based on what I told them about the condition of my gallbladder, they agreed that the surgeons and specialists did the right thing. The gallbladder was too far gone that I would have ended up with pancreatis and jaundice for the rest of my life. Remember...jaundice is toxic to the's poisoning of the blood. Since the procedures, I have lost 20 pounds, I look great and feel even better (ie. regular bowl movements and more energy). I DO NOT account the improvements due surgery, but I do account the surgery to MAKING ME change my lifestyle. I do need to be careful of what I eat because I have to make sure I digest everything properly, and I also watch my intake of fatty foods. It's very rare to see me eat french fries, chips or any other deep fried foods. I KNOW I did the right thing by getting my gallbladder out and I KNOW that my doctors took excellent care of me. Just remember, for every bad story you hear, there are also many many successful and happy stories out there. People have a tendency to complain about all the bad things and don't really take the time to talk about the really good things. Anyways, I wish everyone luck with their gallbladders....I don't have a thing to worry about anymore!!!!!! I'm happier than a pig in @#$%.

I read some of the other postings, especially the ones from Spirit and I think it's important to remember that stones can get caught in the bile duct with or without the flush. Scaring people with stats (from what recognized medical journal?) and also playing doctor is not a good thing. Modern medicine was developed for a reason, because the older/traditional remedies weren't effective enough or couldn't cure...therefore people were in constant pain or died earlier than they should have. If you're in pain or if you're jaundiced (one easy way to know is via your turns a little rusty in colour), go to the nearest emergency department. If you have a fever, chills, are throwing up or just feeling sick, GO TO THE HOSPITAL. If it's nothing, they'll send you home, but if it's serious, they'll make sure that you're taken care of. Don't play doctor, unless you're a real licensed medical physician. Just remember, if you would go to the hospital for a broken finger or stitches, why wouldn't go to the hospital for internal pain inside your body? Which is more serious? You don't need a PHD to answer this question.

Best of luck to everyone. I DON'T HAVE MY GALLBLADDER ANYMORE, and I'm damn happy!!! I have absolutely NO regrets.

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