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Re: Why is Epsom Salt burning anus?
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Why is Epsom Salt burning anus?

> maybe it is not the Epsom Salt that is burning me so badly but
> poisonous material leaving the body?

Actually, poisons are usually less irritating then our natural digestive juices and fruit juices.

What irritates more are natural fruit juices like Grapefruit juice and lemon juice.

Epsom Salt increases the speed of movement inside intestines.
With such a high speed, intestines have no time to neutralize fruit juices and digestive juices.
During digestion, or stomach (acid), our pancreas (enzymes) and also liver (bile) produce digestive juices.

Those juices are extremely aggressive, and unless neutralized ... they may irritate anus. Especially when mixed with fruit juice!

So, poisons are not the main problem, it is natural digestive juices and fruit juice that are irritating anus and causing burning feeling.

> On the other hand Epsom Salt is salty...

I would never say that Epsom Salt tastes salty.

Epsom Salt tastes bitter and unpleasant, but Epsom Salt is neutral toward human body, it does not irritate anus, not enough to feel it.

> SO my question: Doest it burns like that regularly?

Any product that will promote diarrhea and that will in the same time promote production of digestive juices will in the end cause unpleasant feeling around anus.

Try drinking one glass of orange juice and then promote diarrhea, and you will endup with sore anus.

Of course ... bile can contain toxins, but those toxins are usually not in the form that will cause irritation ... not as much as digestive juices from stomach and from pancreas.

Stomach Secretions:
In response to the hormone gastrin stomach releases HCl (Hydro-Chloric acid)

GASTRIN = a hormone made of protein released from the lining of the stomach.

HCl (Hydro-Chloric acid) is one of the strongest acids and it chemically breaks down proteins and carbohydrates.
Stomach also releases enzyme pepsin; Pepsin aids in chemical breakdown of proteins.

Duodenum Secretions:

In response to the hormone cholecystokinin pancreas releases amylase (chemical breakdown of carbohydrates) & gall bladder releases bile (emulsifier of fats)

In response to the hormone secreting pancreas releases bicarbonate (HCO3: neutralizes acidic chyme from stomach)


DIGESTION = The process by which food is broken into smaller molecules and prepared for absorption.
ABSORPTION = the taking of substances into the internal environment of the body. (In this case from the digestive tract.)

Secreted in the digestive juices are enzymes (organic catalysts) that speed up the processing.

ENZYMES = organic catalysts (organic here means composed of carbon atoms. Organic chemistry is the study of carbon-containing compounds).

CATALYST = a substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being consumed in the reaction.

All enzymes are made out of protein. (Dr. J.B. Sumner,
my biochemistry professor at Cornell, won the Nobel prize for this discovery many years ago).

HORMONE = a control substance released directly into the blood by a gland to act on another part of the body (may also be called a chemical messenger).


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