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Lupus and the Liver

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Bruce Views: 42,022
Published: 21 years ago
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Lupus and the Liver

I was diagnosed with Lupus about two years ago. I spent 3 weeks at Mayo Clinic. I had severe arthritic symptoms, edema, vasculitis and blood clots in the legs and one lung. My ANA titer was 1:1,200 and I had positive double stranded DNA test. Several other blood test were also indicative of Lupus/Polyarthritis, which was the official diagnosis from Mayo. Interesteringly, my liver panel was completely normal.

I was given Prednisone 20 mg and Plaquinil 400 mg daily. I got better for a few days, then started to regress. I had several occurances of high fevers (104 degrees) that would eventually return to normal during the night and would wake up the next morning with greatly improved symptoms. However, the improvement would last only a few hours.

I derived from this that there was an active biological agent involved in my disease process (even though Mayo Dr.'s said they knew of no specific bacteria or virus that caused Lupus). My wife did some research and I began taking raw, fresh garlic (disulfides!) several times per day. What a great improvement! Over the months I added Olive Leaf, Oregano Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Colloidal Silver and numerous other herbals (too many to mention here). These lead to great improvement.

But, I was also noticing increasing discomfort in the liver area. I began doing Dr. Clarks flushes about Feb. 2001. I have just completed my 27th flush and have gotten out an estimated 5,000-6,000 "stones" along with lots of chafe. About 3 months ago I was enough better to eliminate all RX drugs ( including Thyroid medication that I have been on for many years!). My recent blood test showed my ANA titer was down to 1:40! An awesome improvement.

I have not yet had a flush that was without "stones" (soft, green/tan, "waxy" balls). I can feel the area of the liver they are coming from. Almost all of the pressure/discomfort in the liver area is gone now. But the process is not over. Not until I get 2-3 flushes without "stones."

When I complete a flush, and before the stones from the more remote areas of the liver start moving again, I am completely free of all symptoms. When the stones start moving, mild symptoms return until I flush again. I am doing flushes now about 2-4 per month.

I am convinced of the following (from my own experience)

1) Plugging of the billiary tree has caused years of digestive upset (along with gallblader removal -at age 21)
2) The plugged billiary tree provided an isolated area for incubation of some biologic agent (mycobacterium?) that grew to a point that my body finally reacted to the infection (antibodies or toxin...I think the former).
3) My Lupus and Arthritis symptoms were the direct result of the plugged billiary tree and infection.
4) The herbals mentioned above have been effective in mitigating the infection.
5) My liver panel (blood tests) were never effective in diagnosing what was going on in the liver.
6) Dr. Clarks flushes are removing the "stones" (cholesterol/bile) and allowing the billiary tree to flush clear and free.

So, this is still a work in progress. The "end" will come when I am able to get several flushes with no "stones" or "chafe." When that happens, I will redo the blood tests. I will see if everything is back to normal. I will report here when that happens...could be weeks or months.

That's it for now. Great to have this site to share my experience with others who also know and are interested in Dr. Clarks wonderful method. I don't think I would be here today if it were not for her.


Bruce Buchanan

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