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My Breast CANCER story (Dr.Clark Protocol)

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Mary Views: 45,021
Published: 22 years ago
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My Breast CANCER story (Dr.Clark Protocol)

> Question:
> Are there any Success stories in curing Cancer by Liver Flush?

Subject: Re: Chinese Med & Gallstones


I have two "kids" in their twenties. I was diagnosed with stage 2A
invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast 2 and a half years ago.

Dr. Day, flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and the Blood Type Diet were
of little to no help to me. The exception to this is carrot juice,
which I still take daily.

I started Dr. Clark's cancer program two years ago. I read archives
here for three months before I could screw up the courage to do my
first flush:-)

I can honestly say that I often felt worse after doing a flush,
particularly the first 4 days to a week. The more stuff I flushed
out, the worse I would feel. I would make extra trips to the
bathroom for days afterward.

The very first flush I passed a mercury tooth filling! Flushes 4 and
6 I passed cylindrical see-through parasites (like jellyfish)they
were big around, maybe an inch, its hard to say, and 3 to 6 inches
long. To me they looked like little Caspar the friendly ghosts.

Sometime around flush 10 I started having incredible hot flashes
every night in the middle of the night after I did the flush...the
rip your clothes off kind of hot flash. Two weeks later when I did
the next flush the hot flashes stopped and I've never had them again.

I had no distinct liver problems or pain that I was aware of UNTIL I
started flushing the liver. Except for an arthritic kind of pain in
my pointy finger on both hands. That would act up. The pains
gradually worked up my wrist, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, neck and
then shoulder blade in textbook fashion exactly as Hulda describes in
her books.

Then when I did the 31st flush all pain stopped. I have not had any
since, and I felt a kind of shift in my well being.

Energy has improved, but still has a long way to go. I can go in
public places and not react to the chemicals right away, but I can
only take a couple hours at most of that.

My appetite is back, I sleep better and my head is clearer, though
that can still be a problem. Since I do many things in Hulda's
latest cancer program, it is difficult to point at just the liver
flushes as the reason for my improvement. Mercury removal and plate
zapping have helped me tremendously, though it was hard going for
months after having the dental work.

But it is really clear to me that I am toxic before doing a flush and
less so afterwards. I have experienced some wonderful highs
afterwards and I tell myself that is just a peek at how good things
can get.

This spring for three weeks I felt fantastic...absolutely fantastic.

So I know my body can do it.

I still have the sense that I am at high risk for a cancer recurrence
or metastasis...I cannot take a day off of all the protocols that I

All conventional cancer tests have been negative so far.

Recent bloodwork showed my cholesterol dropped 50 points from a year
ago. After starting thyroid medication 30 years ago, I have had to
reduce my thryoid meds twice in the last two months.

Someone told me he knows an 85 year old retired schoolteacher who is
a cancer patient on Clark's program who had done 125 flushes. He
knew several other people that had done 30 flushes.

I have learned through research and especially my own experience over
time that if I am going to get well, I have got to learn and then
implement everything I can regarding the care and feeding of my

The flush has been one of the most powerful tools I've come across in
recovering its function.

Hope this helps.


Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:06:07 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Chinese Med & Gallstones


I have done 37 Liver Flushes over the last two years according to
Hulda Clark 's methods in her "Cure For All Advanced Cancers" book for my own

The numbers of stones I pass each time are slowly, slowly decreasing.

What I have observed to be helpful in reducing the numbers of
stones; removing my Amalgam fillings, giving up all dairy including
butter, taking ozonated olive oil daily (see the book), Essiac tea,
and taking ground milk thistle seeds.

I might add that I have passed probably several hundred stones that
were 3/4 of an inch around and have now passed 2 stones that were 1
and 1/4 inch. Passing the big stones felt no different from passing
the very little ones. I have passed over 13,000 stones total, most,
obviously, quite small, probably the size of a lentil.

The most I've passed is 1400 stones at once, the least I've passed on a flush
is 0(none).

Hope this helps someone.



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