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My xx liver flush experience - ”breaking the rules”
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Published: 18 years ago
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My xx liver flush experience - ”breaking the rules”

10 days ago I did my xx liver flush. I lost counting, this one could be somewhere between 20 and 30.

I did first flush 5 years ago, when I did about 8 flushes with 2 weeks a part.

My first "stone-free flush" was my 8th flush, the same year.

Since then, I have had several times "stone-free flush". After stone-free flush, I usually do next flush 10 days later, to make sure I am really stone-free.

If the second flush is stone-free, then I take a break for 3 - 5 months.
That was last 3 years.

This time, I decided to break one rule - "eat no fat".

Morning breakfast was OK, but at 4 PM I ate several pieces of bread with fatty sour cream. I was running and playing with kids, and I just got so hungry that I thought it was good chance to test that rule.

I ate at least several tbsp of sour cream with bread. That was at 4 PM (16:00).

At 19:00 (7pm) I took my first (and only! ) cup of water with 1 tbsp of
Epsom salt.

(I don't always follow the timing exactly. I adjust it after needs. I don't prepare specially for the cleanse, I just decide to do it, and i do it, and if i have to, I adjust timing to whatever I need ... )

At 23:00 (11pm) I took little bit more then 1/2 cup of olive oil and little bit more then 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice.

I stay with computer until 1am, and then I went to sleep. Being in vertical position after drinking oil helps getting air out from my stomach.
( This is just me sharing my experience! I rarely go to sleep before 1am. )

In the morning, 7am I took 1 cup of water with magnesium Sulfate, and at 8:30 I took the second cup.

I ate fruit and grapefruit juice around 10. I ate a fatty meal at 11am (sour cream (1/4 of a liter) and bread)

Diarrhea started after I ate.

( I always eat fatty breakfast after the cleanse, to make what I call "the second cleanse". )

A lot of fat after the morning magnesium sulfate flushes liver one more time.

For me, sour cream is the easiest fat to digest. I eat it a lot.
My ancestors in Estonia ate it a lot. (Yes, I have seen nomilk site, but sour cream is one of the best fats I can eat.)

I got about 20 - 30 small stones, 2 or 3 stones were bigger then 5 mm across, one was 9 mm across.
I was using colander inside toilet bowl. I took photos.

I consider this cleanse succesfull, even though I ate fatty foods the same afternoon.
( I don't necessarly suggest you to try it, this is just me sharing my experience! )

Most flushing that I do in the spring time is more successful then flushing I do in winter time.

My previous flush was in the end of January this year, and I have had 1 little stone (5 mm across) and 3 small stones 2 mm across.
That flush was all following the rules. No fat. I concluded my liver is quite clean.

I will be doing my next cleanse soon, and another one again, until my liver is clean (for this spring-summer season)

My liver keep producing (an average) about 30 - 50 stones a year.
To keep it clean, I need at least 3 - 5 flushes a year.

As a child I received many vaccine shuts, and I was often treated with Antibiotics . (I ate a lot of sugar.)
That must have damaged my liver beyond it's ability to be repaired, and I think my liver may keep producing stones forever.

I never had Gallstones (diagnosed) and I never had Gallstones attack.
I have one child. I am Caucasian.

Most of my food intolerance disappeared after 2 years of cleansing.



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