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How I cured my allergies - part 2

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Published: 21 years ago
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How I cured my allergies - part 2

This message was originally posted at email group.

From: "donci2000"
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:10:23 -0000
Subject: [allergies-testimonials] How I cured my allergies - part 2

How I cured my allergies - part 2

The followings are the secrets that I used to get rid of my
allergies. If I could get rid of my allergies, so can you !

#1: Have faith that this post is for 'your' benefit. Have faith;
faith is more important than money, experience or education.

#2: Consider the possibility that some of your health problems were
created by one or more health professionals. Don't dwell on your bad
experiences, but learn from them, decide what you want, and use your
experiences to manipulate them to give you what 'you' want.

#3: Use Dr. Hulda Clark 's book for 'liver flush' and 'tooth
restoration' instructions and nothing else. They are excellent. Keep
the pages on the 'liver flush' and 'tooth restoration', and throw
away the rest of her book.

#4: root canals are optional. If you already have root canals, there
is no need to have them removed; in my experience, you 'can' get rid
of your allergies, even if you keep your root canals.

#5: parasite programs are optional; parasites are all around us, but
very few of us have any really harmful ones that do any serious harm
to us. In my experience, you can get rid of your allergies, even if
you keep your parasites.

#6: Replace 'all' of your metal in your mouth. Use the tooth
restoration instructions in Dr. Hulda Clark 's book.

#7: Use the under-the-arm temperature measurement technique (as
described in Dr. Rhoda O. Barness' book) and consider the possibility
that your body does need more 'thyroid' hormones before it can get
rid of your stones.

#8: Start taking thyroid hormone tablets, if necessary. If in doubt,
use the under-the-arm temperature measurement technique, do
additional research, or find a good doctor who treats 'you', as
opposed to your laboratory test.

#9: Drugs and herbs don't mix. Stop using 'all other' prescription
and OTC drugs for 3-5 days before your scheduled liver flush. Don't
stop, if you can't; use common sense, and don't stop, if your 'life'
depends on the drug; some medication is extremely important for some
people, some of the time; if you're in doubt, ask your doctor or

#10: Stop all serious work or sports activities for 3-5 days before
your scheduled liver flush. If you're out of work, a homemaker,
student, or have no dependents, consider it a blessing. On the other
hand, keep working, keep your job, if you have to support yourself or
your loved ones.

#11: Sleep up to 12 hours (!) per day for 5 days (!) before your
scheduled liver flush. Allow you body to fully (!) recover day after
day, every day, for 5 days. Your body cannot have any sleep deficit
before the flush.

#12: Drink plenty of apple juice or apple cider in the 72 hours
before your scheduled liver flush.

#13: Keep eating protein foods every day, but eat 'zero fat' foods
48 hours before your scheduled liver flush.

#14: For the liver flush, use 16 (!) ounces of olive oil and the
juice of 10 (!) small lemons.

#15: Timing is very important; follow your plan like a fanatic.

#16: Expect 2,000 stones per liver flush. If you're not getting at
least 2,000 stones per flush, you're doing something wrong. Review
above 15 steps and figure out what the most likely reason was, and do
it differently the next time.

#17: Repeat your Liver Flush every 2-6 weeks for the next 2-6 years.

#18: Expect health beyond your wildest dreams. Your capacity to work
and love will skyrocket. Remember, health is better than wealth.

This message is intended as a gift to humanity. I get absolutely no
compensation whatsoever for posting this message. I offer all this
very valuable information on allergy elimination and liver flushes
for no other reason but to benefit mankind and womankind. I'm sharing
all this information with you. I used liver/gallstone flushes to cure

If I could cure myself, so can you.

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